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About Me & the Blog.

Hi, welcome to my website. A few little facts about me to get the conversation going:

  • I’m nearly spent half a century on this planet.
  • I have a wonderful son and an equally wonderful dog.
  • I’m from the UK and live in a house with possibly the smallest bathroom in the world.
  • I started the blog as a hobby and now it has become far more than that, it is very cathartic.
  • The dragon logo symbollises regeneration, strength and power.
  • The blog is for you and me, I hope my experience of mental illness, in particular bipolar and depression helps you as much as it helps me writing it.

The blog is very eclectic and contains all manner of things related to mental health, things I find interesting and useful. It is also my storage place for articles and my writings. I needed a place where I could store everything and was easily accessible, this seemed like the perfect place.

I’m also studying for a diploma in cognitive behavioural therapy so I can write even more on the topic of mental health and back everything up with a solid foundation in CBT.

What Is the Blog All About?

Anything and everything related to mental health and wellbeing, from conditions such as depression to how to start a business if your mental health is poor.

Tell Me About the Affiliates?

To help me pay for the running costs of the blog, I use affiliate advertising. I only use those whom I trust and have used in the past or currently use. Whenever you click on one of the affiliates on my site and then purchase from them, I earn a commission. I only show those I deem worthy based on my previous experience. They are denoted by the letters AF.

Can I Advertise on Lou Farrell?

Yes, please see the Work With Me page. You can contact me to discuss a post you would like to submit, and if it is for business purposes, then there is a fee.

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