Top 5 Depression Forums

depression forums list top 5

Sometimes we need to vent our frustrations or seek answers, and depression forums are a great place to do this safely, unlike social media, where your personal thoughts and feelings can be trampled upon. I have covered depression chat rooms in a previous article and thought you would find it beneficial to discover the forums … Read moreTop 5 Depression Forums

Depression Diet Plan: Eat Like a Bear

depression diet plan eat like a bear

Finding a depression diet plan is tricky, with so much information on the subject. Some of which is conflicting; however, I have come up with my own plan, which involves eating like a bear. I’m not talking polar bear and seals or pandas and bamboo; I’m talking about your forest and coast-dwelling bear. I want … Read moreDepression Diet Plan: Eat Like a Bear

Bipolar Self-Management – What I Do!

bipolar self management plan

For me, bipolar self-management is the only way I know how to deal with the illness. I’m fortunate to a certain extent that I can function quite highly with it; I know others who can’t. Don’t get me wrong, there are still weeks where self-management goes out the window, but when things turn around, I … Read moreBipolar Self-Management – What I Do!

Anxiety Gut Health: Treat Your Belly Well

anxiety gut health

Your guts can affect your anxiety and depression; they are linked. It’s imperative for controlling anxiety gut health that you care for your belly, and I’ll give you some pointers. Ideally, you’ll be able to incorporate these into your daily life. As with all articles I write, they are based on my experience or research, … Read moreAnxiety Gut Health: Treat Your Belly Well

Is Holotropic Breathwork Useful for Anxiety and Depression?

what is holotropic breathwork

You might be wondering what on earth is Holotropic Breathwork, or you might think it is some new age fancy. When I heard about it, I thought both, and I set out to discover what it is all about. My main purpose was to decide if it could be useful to my anxiety or my … Read moreIs Holotropic Breathwork Useful for Anxiety and Depression?

Bipolar and Alcohol

bipolar and alcohol

I have often wondered about bipolar and alcohol and how they relate to each other. I used to drink socially, but I don’t drink anymore because it gives me ridiculous heartburn. Several years ago I tried to manage my bipolar symptoms with alcohol, to ill effect, might I add. It got me thinking how many … Read moreBipolar and Alcohol

Depression Chat Rooms: 10 Free Websites to Use

10 Depression chat rooms

When you need to express yourself, a depression chat room could be the answer. You normally find a quick response to your needs. However, if you are on the verge of self-harm, do not use it; seek attention from your local medical professionals. Depression chat rooms are for thoughts and feelings, not necessarily for prevention. … Read moreDepression Chat Rooms: 10 Free Websites to Use

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