What Food Is Good For Mental Wellbeing?

food good for mental wellbeing

A huge range of foods is said to be beneficial and good for mental wellbeing, but what if your mental health is poor? The last thing you want to eat is a carrot stick and a healthy Nicoise salad. In fact, you either do not want to eat, or you are craving comfort food. I’ve … Read moreWhat Food Is Good For Mental Wellbeing?

Somatic Pain, It Is Not Imaginary

somatic pain

I still get occasional bouts of somatic pain, but I was first diagnosed with it back in 2015. I thought I had some major illness, and I would leave this world, but it turns out it was from deep-seated depression. I went through many discussions with my doctors, and they kept telling me it was … Read moreSomatic Pain, It Is Not Imaginary

Bipolar A Mental Illness – Yes You Can Thrive

bipolar disorder

If you have been diagnosed with bipolar, the first thing which may spring to my mind is that your life is over. You will never have a normal life again. But you will. Bipolar a mental illness, will impact your life, but you will learn how to manage it, and it takes time. I have … Read moreBipolar A Mental Illness – Yes You Can Thrive

Replaying the Day or The Moment

raisin technique

Something during the day may have happened, and you can’t stop replaying the day or the moment. For one, I know exactly how that feels, and I have a couple of suggestions that I use to help combat this destructive thought pattern. I used to replay encounters after meeting someone that day, even if it … Read moreReplaying the Day or The Moment

Self-Care and Messy Hair

self care

I don’t know about you, but self-care can be a problem when I’m hypomanic. I forget I have so much to do. It just does not enter my mind. I’m not a dirty person naturally, but when I go hypo, there is no single thought in my mind that says I need to brush my … Read moreSelf-Care and Messy Hair

What Lifestyle Changes Are There for Mental Wellbeing?

lifestyle changes

There are plenty of lifestyle changes that can be made to help with easing the symptoms of mental illness. If you have a deep-set illness, my first suggestion is medication, and then after that, it will be therapy. Once those have been started, then there are changes you can make which will benefit you in … Read moreWhat Lifestyle Changes Are There for Mental Wellbeing?

Living in Fear and How to Stop It

lion feel the fear and do it anyway

Living in fear can stop us from doing a lot of things. I, for one, was always fearful, from losing my partner to the grips of another person or the fear of someone else getting promoted over me. Fear my house might burn down, fear of getting fat, fear of getting an eating disorder, fear. … Read moreLiving in Fear and How to Stop It

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