Post-Midnight – Poem by Lou Farrell

awake insomnia poem

This poem is all about my inability to sleep every other night. And tonight being one of those nights, I thought I’d share the poem I decided to write. It’s possibly written to quickly, but hey, I’m hypomanic at the moment, so I have to go with the flow. I hope you enjoy it and … Read morePost-Midnight – Poem by Lou Farrell

Amy – A Personal Story

personal depression story

Hi, Amy, thanks for telling your story about your depression. First off, how are you today? I’m doing really well, thank you, and I haven’t had any depressive episodes for six months now. That is good news; why don’t you tell us how you knew you had depression. It was the beginning of lockdown last … Read moreAmy – A Personal Story

Wild Cherry by Lou Farrell

cherry blossom

Harbouring life, semi-enclosed biosphere, bracing wind and driving rain. Pushing through fences, splitting concrete and tarmac, moving houses. Hanging ivy drapes, wrapped in sections, stranglehold giving insect coverage. Spines turn into branches, flowers into wild cherries, buds of sustenance. Early in spring, equally autumn, bare except ivy, moving with the depths of winter. Counterparts next … Read moreWild Cherry by Lou Farrell

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