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Depression can affect us in many different ways, and I have full experience of this beast; and I hope my life lessons and experience will help you fight against depression.

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5 Things People With Depression Want You To Know

The word depressed is used quite flippantly for any emotional moment of sadness, but what really is depression? People with depression, myself included, often find others are confused about the symptoms and their impact...

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Top 5 Depression Forums

Sometimes we need to vent our frustrations or seek answers, and depression forums are a great place to do this safely, unlike social media, where your personal thoughts and feelings can be trampled upon....

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Depression and Memory Loss

Depression and memory loss are a big problem for me, and I know many other people experience this. Alongside the memory loss, I also have poor cognitive skills, which only exacerbates the memory loss....

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Depression Getting Worse – What To Do?

As someone who suffers from depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety, it is not unusual for me to have mixed moods, and currently, my mood is very low. If you feel your depression getting worse...