Living With Bipolar Disorder: 7 Ways It Affects My Life

living with bipolar disorder

Living with Bipolar Disorder since my diagnosis in 2002 has been a journey of highs and lows with the odd five-year spell of stability. I have experienced delusions, a psychotic episode, depression, mania, hypomania and rapid cycling, not forgetting stress and anxiety. At the time of writing, I am 48 years old, and to be … Read moreLiving With Bipolar Disorder: 7 Ways It Affects My Life

Bipolar Self-Management – What I Do!

bipolar self management plan

For me, bipolar self-management is the only way I know how to deal with the illness. I’m fortunate to a certain extent that I can function quite highly with it; I know others who can’t. Don’t get me wrong, there are still weeks where self-management goes out the window, but when things turn around, I … Read moreBipolar Self-Management – What I Do!

Bipolar and Alcohol

bipolar and alcohol

I have often wondered about bipolar and alcohol and how they relate to each other. I used to drink socially, but I don’t drink anymore because it gives me ridiculous heartburn. Several years ago I tried to manage my bipolar symptoms with alcohol, to ill effect, might I add. It got me thinking how many … Read moreBipolar and Alcohol

Excessive Spending and Mental Health: Debt Management Plan

bipolar debt excessive spending

What do you do when you have a mental health condition which makes excessive spending more likely? Bipolar Disorder can lead to needing a debt management plan, and I hope my ideas based on my experience will help you. I have created an article that I will be following after a recent bout of hypomania … Read moreExcessive Spending and Mental Health: Debt Management Plan

Bipolar Debt and Mental Health Evidence Forms

bipolar debt and spending money

You may experience bipolar debt, and one of the symptoms is spending too much money. It is a compulsion that I am all too familiar with. The uncontrollable urge to spend money I have and do not have. Bipolar debt is the bane of my life and I have since discovered Debt & Mental Health … Read moreBipolar Debt and Mental Health Evidence Forms

10 Ways To Improve Your Mental Health

gardening to improve your mental health

I’m always looking for new ways to improve my mental health, and I thought to myself there have to be others who also want the same thing. I decided to write a post about all the wonderful things I have discovered over the past few years that aid me in keeping my mental health in … Read more10 Ways To Improve Your Mental Health

CBD Oil is Changing My Life!

cbd oil on table with dropper

That is a pretty bold statement, but it is true. I’ve discovered CBD oil, I know I’m a bit late to the party, but I’m so pleased I have found it. It is truly helping my bipolar and the aches and pains I have been having for years. I really thought it was just going … Read moreCBD Oil is Changing My Life!

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