When Your Circadian Rhythm Is Out of Sync!

circadian rhythm sleeping

We’ve all been there, pulled an all-nighter or slept in on the weekends. Unknowingly we have affected our Circadian Rhythm (CR), and it needs a few days to readjust. But you have to make an effort to readjust it, and having your CR out of sync can lead to poor mental health. You know when … Read moreWhen Your Circadian Rhythm Is Out of Sync!

Post-Midnight – Poem by Lou Farrell

awake insomnia poem

This poem is all about my inability to sleep every other night. And tonight being one of those nights, I thought I’d share the poem I decided to write. It’s possibly written to quickly, but hey, I’m hypomanic at the moment, so I have to go with the flow. I hope you enjoy it and … Read morePost-Midnight – Poem by Lou Farrell

How to Sleep With An Active Mind

sleep insomnia

How to sleep is a question that got me thinking of all the techniques I know. I can’t say they work every time, as sometimes I have not slept despite all my best efforts. Bipolar will do that to you sometimes. But the main thing is I have learned a lot of little tricks that … Read moreHow to Sleep With An Active Mind

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