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Poetry and stories to uplift the spirits and make you feel inspired. Perfect for a nice break from the world and to relax with a cup of coffee and a biscuit. I hope you like the selection.

poem and woman standing on roller skates 0

Stand by Lou Farrell

I wrote this poem after reading a writing prompt for the word stand. It just came to me in a flash and I hope you enjoy it. I hasten to add it was also...

moon 0

Moon by Lou Farrell

You saw me in your bareness void clouds eclipsed you momentarily but you saw me you shone viewing all life including me miss you when you fade but know you see me even in...

cup of tea 0

Tea Party by Lou Farrell

I was making a cup of tea, and I don’t usually drink tea; I’m normally a coffee person, but my mind must have been elsewhere, and I put three sugars in by accident, and...

cherry blossom 0

Wild Cherry by Lou Farrell

Harbouring life, semi-enclosed biosphere, bracing wind and driving rain. Pushing through fences, splitting concrete and tarmac, moving houses. Hanging ivy drapes, wrapped in sections, stranglehold giving insect coverage. Spines turn into branches, flowers into...

over the ocean 0

Over The Ocean by Elena Ruiz

A wonderful poem by Elena Ruiz. It lifts the spirits and makes you think of loved ones. The poem resonated with me with love and expectation, and it is a joy to read, perfect...