How to Make Friends When You Are Mentally Unwell

How to make friends when you are suffering from poor mental health is vitally important. Even though you feel distanced from society, discovering a like-minded individual is powerful and can aid in recovery.

However, we have to open ourselves up and become a little more vulnerable than we currently are. Some of us may not want to risk this. But it is, in the end, worthwhile. I took the first step by joining Twitter.

This might be trial by fire approach, but so far, it is working out fine, and I am chatting with several people regularly, which builds my confidence.

If you need a boost to your confidence, you can try using a hypnotherapy app to build it up before you attempt to make friends online.

There is no other way of making friends than to become vulnerable; it is difficult letting anyone into your life if your guard is up continuously. Believe me, when I say I know about strong guards, mine is made of titanium. But I’ve had to lower it, and I’m glad I did.

Where to Make Friends

how to make friends

Maybe you have lost contact over the years with friends due to ill health; this is what happened to me. Also, friends moved away, and I removed myself from toxic friendships.

This has left me where I have a family as friends, but I need to find more outside friends. Hence why I joined Twitter to learn to be social again. I feel now I have managed to create an online version of myself that is true to my nature, but with a lowering of my defences, allowing people a peep over the top.

In real life, I have yet to learn to even allow a peep over the top.

I have provided a list of places where I will try and make new friends now I have the confidence gained from Twitter. I hope you will give these sites a go too.

Friendship Websites

Bumble BFFTheir website says – Whether you’re new to a city or looking to expand your social circle, Bumble BFF is a simplified way to create meaningful friendships.
FrienderThis is what their website says: Create your profile based on the activities you enjoy. Only users with at least one common interest will be suggested.
Hey VinaOn their website, they say this: Hey! VINA empowers women to choose community over competition and to tap into the power of a supportive global community of awesome women just like them.
Meet UpOn their website – Join a group to meet people, make friends, find support, grow a business, and explore your interests. Thousands of events are happening every day, both online and in-person!
Friend MatchFrom their website – With FriendMatch, you can make friends from nearby or from around the world.

I am going to start with Bumble and work my way down the list.

If you have used any of these and let me know your experience. You can also follow me on Twitter, and I normally always follow back.

Peace & Blessings x


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