Bipolar Debt and Mental Health Evidence Forms

You may experience bipolar debt, and one of the symptoms is spending too much money. It is a compulsion that I am all too familiar with. The uncontrollable urge to spend money I have and do not have. Bipolar debt is the bane of my life and I have since discovered Debt & Mental Health Evidence Forms (DMHEF) to help those with mental health problems ease the stress of debt.

I don’t know about you, but I spend more money than I have, but I have little control over it when I am hypomanic. Outsiders would say just stop; easier said than done, could you tell a wolf to stop hunting? No, it is the same scenario with bipolar.

bipolar debt and spending money dmhef
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I have no idea what happens to me; all fear of debt evaporates, and I fall under the illusion I can pay it all back because I have so many great ideas which will come to fruition, and I will make millions. So this debt is not debt; it is the stepping stone to changing my life.

Obviously, that is all pie in the sky thinking and what seemed totally rational at the time lands me in debt when my mood has stabilised.

Bipolar Debt and DMHEF

After my last hypomania episode, which rapidly cycled for six months, I have accumulated debt that I can not payback. I’m trying, I haven’t missed a payment yet, but soon the day will come when my money runs out, and it is fast approaching. At the moment, I am robbing Peter to pay Paul and vice versa.

I wrote another article about debt. But, I didn’t know at the time about the DMHEF form you can give to your doctor to validate you — as you experience long term mental health issues.

I discoverd it on the Step Change website as I was searching for Debt Relief Orders, see my other article.

Bipolar and Spending Money

The form helps those who are in debt to understand their circumstances. There is no guarantee they will wipe the debt out, but the chances are they will in the case of a long-term health condition like bipolar.

This will be my first choice when I finally realise I can no longer afford to pay back debt, and I am just creating more. I am fully aware my payment plans are unfeasible, but my guilt from my last spending spree still looms. Once I get over my guilt, I will take a form along to my doctors and get them to fill it out.

Apparently, the doc’s used to charge £100 for doing so, but since 2019 they can’t charge for the service, so don’t get fooled into thinking you have to pay for it. This is a mental health issue, not really a debt issue.

Visit Step Change to get your bipolar debt in order and I will be joining you shortly.

Peace & Blessings

Lou x

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