What Are The Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder?

What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder is key to understanding how you can deal with them. And knowing how you can address them is vital when you want to live your life to the full. I write this article from the perspective of someone who has bipolar disorder.

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The manic phase of bipolar disorder may include the depression side simultaneously, highly dangerous, seek medical attention if this is the case. However, it can also be a rapid cycling phase which means you can go from hypomania to depression to mania to depression again in short periods of time. This will require medical assistance immediately.

The depression side of bipolar without rapid cycling is similar to other peoples depression.

Go to Depression Symptoms Page for more information or check with the depression checker to see if you are likely to be depressed.

The Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder – Mania

  • feeling overly happy, elated or overjoyed for no particular reason, but you may believe there is a reason
  • talking very quickly and incessantly, and if not talking, you may be making other sounds
  • feeling full of energy, so much energy you don’t need sleep, or you think you do not need sleep as there is so much to do and the days are not long enough
  • feeling self-important and that you are obviously right on all aspects of things because you have ideas falling from your mind
  • feeling full of great new ideas which feel innovative and you feel you could solve everything, even though they may not make sense to others this is because they are not as inspired as you
  • having important plans which are so important, they outweigh other peoples plans
  • being easily distracted and not being able to stick to one task and flitting between things as new ideas emerge
  • being easily irritated or agitated, especially when people appear to interfere in your plans and you may feel as though they are distracting you from your grand schemes
  • being delusional, having hallucinations and disturbed or illogical thinking, such as believing something to be true when there is no way it could be
  • not feeling like sleeping as there is no time because so much needs to be done and your mind is so active sleep is a waste of time, even though sleep is required.
  • not eating either through forgetfulness as you are so busy or because you are not hungry
  • doing things that often have disastrous consequences – such as spending large sums of money on expensive and sometimes unaffordable items, having sex with strangers, taking drugs or drinking too much alcohol and taking risks you would normally shy away from, such as driving fast
  • making decisions that are impulsive and not listening to others if they have a different view, getting annoyed and irritated with those people

The Symptoms for Hypomania

As above but to a lesser degree, you don’t want them to tip over into mania as this is dangerous. With hypomania, you have slightly more control but not by much, it is a fine balance and must be dealt with even though you feel great, as it can easily tip into full mania.

If you are experiencing hypomania, you must get help as soon as possible. However, you may feel so great that you think there is nothing wrong. Listen to other people if they are telling you, you are not acting right, believe them.

Further Reading

How to Cope with Bipolar Disorder

symptoms of bipolar disorder

This is one of those things that is down to your own ability to cope; some people can once they have medication in their system. Other people need to go through numerous amounts of therapy. I personally have to have medication and therapy to maintain a semblance of balance.

[AF] If you have never tried therapy before, then I recommend Online Therapy if your potential therapist has a long waiting list. They offer cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), which is thought to help those of us with bipolar disorder and those who experience depression and anxiety.

Should you have never tried therapy before, you might want to start with counselling; this is how I was introduced to it. I was so mixed up about my diagnosis of bipolar disorder I had to talk to someone about it, and counselling helped me get out of the hole I was in.

[AF] If you are considering counselling, I recommend Calmerry; they are online counsellors and will help you improve your mental health.

I have attended many months of CBT, so I am studying it now and will achieve my diploma in 2022.

Medication and The Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

medication and the symptoms of bipolar disorder

Sometimes it is difficult to tell the medication symptoms and the symptoms of bipolar disorder. I, for one, have learnt over the years I have to be very careful with anti-depressants as they can trigger a hypomanic spell. The worst one being Prozac.

You might also find certain medications will affect your bipolar, and you need to be assertive when talking to your medical practitioner about this. If you are sure the medication is lifting you too high or giving you too many unwanted side effects, then your doctor should change your meds.

You want to live a life free from as many side effects as possible, and knowing the symptoms of bipolar disorder will help you root out the unwanted side effects from medication.

You can read my article on medication side effects here.

I hope you can deal with your symptoms of bipolar disorder and get the right treatment for yourself as an individual. Always remember to be assertive when it comes to your own care, as only you know how you truly feel.

Peace & Blessings

Lou x

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  1. Awesome post! As someone who lives with bipolar disorder, it’s great to see others educating and helping to raise awareness. Thank you.

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