Amy – A Personal Story

Hi, Amy, thanks for telling your story about your depression. First off, how are you today?

I’m doing really well, thank you, and I haven’t had any depressive episodes for six months now.

That is good news; why don’t you tell us how you knew you had depression.

It was the beginning of lockdown last year; I became increasingly lonely; I was already lonely after the break-up of my relationship, but what with living by myself and not being able to see anyone. It got to me, and I became depressed. I should have phoned the doctors, but I didn’t, and I ended up in hospital after taking an overdose.

How awful. Why did you take such drastic action?

Everything became too much; thinking back on it now, I should have seen my doctor long before lockdown began, as the break up had hit me hard, and I felt worthless at the time as though there would be no possibility of me ever loving or being loved again.

Yes, many people find the end of a relationship a catalyst for depression. What happened in the hospital?


I had my stomach pumped, one of the most awful things and I was put on anti-depressants by the psychiatrist who saw me.

Did you go into the mental health unit?

No, my father said he would take care of me, and so I packed up my bags and went and lived with my dad for a few months. I don’t think I left my bedroom for the first couple of weeks. Just stayed in there. Dad left food outside my door and the occasional bit of poetry for me, usually a limerick he had made up. I think they eventually lifted my spirits and the medication, but I like to think it was my dad’s poems.

What medication did you take, or are you still taking?

Yes, I am still taking, and it is Citalopram.

Is that the only medication you have taken for depression?

No, I was put on Sertraline, but it did not agree with me, so I’ve been taken off it. Although I had to spend a few months with side effects, mainly sickness and because I’m not that big, I lost quite a lot of weight.

What do you think has helped you most during your depression?

Definitely my dad, but once I was on the right meds, everything seemed to fall into place. I mean, my life is not perfect, but I can cope with everything. I also did go to counselling to talk about my break-up.

How did that go?

I used to look forward to my counselling sessions; I found it really useful to talk through my problems.

Would you recommend it to others?

Yes, I would because it helped me. I kind of miss it, but I know, next time I have a stressful situation I will find the money and pay for one, as to me they are really helpful.

How long did it take for the depression to lift?


It took around eight months for it to nearly go out of my head or being completely. I moved out of my dads again and back into my old place, but I’ve since moved from there as there were too many bad memories. Now I can see a future.

Thank you, Amy; I wish you continued recovery.

Lou Farrell

Welcome to the mental health blog of Lou Farrell. I am a writer and copywriter who pens all manner of articles relating to mental wellness and mental illness. I write about my own experiences and the knowledge I have gained over the years as someone who has bipolar disorder. I hope you enjoy the website :-)

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