Brain Fog and Optical Illusions

Today I am experiencing the biggest episode of brain fog I think I have ever had. I even went on Twitter and sat there trying to think of something to say, and there was nothing, not a seed of an idea in my brain.


I know I am not the only one who experiences this, and you’ll be pleased to know it is lifting slightly enough for me to write this blog post, which has taken me all day to formulate in my foggy mind.

I actually tweeted about having nothing to say, and someone said it was because I was content. And, to be honest, I do feel content because there is very little thought going on.

It has been a surreal day.

How Have I Managed to Ease it a Little?

It has taken a lot of effort, and the first thing I did was use my roll-on essential oils to stimulate my brain. I choose lemon and verbena; it has a wonderful citrus twang, which enlivens the senses usually. But this was a deep fog, one so deep; I couldn’t even remember how to use Pinterest.

brain fog pinterest
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I grew concerned, thinking it was an escalation of my memory problems; however, the next trick I use is viewing optical illusions. I have placed a few below; you can Google optical illusions or download an app onto your phone.

Optical Illusions to Beat Brain Fog

Just be aware if you have epilepsy, some of these may not be suitable. I use them to stimulate my brain, and I don’t know how the illusions will react with yours.


Café Wall Illusion

the cafe wall optical illusion for easing brain fog
Wikipedia – The Cafe Wall Illusion is straight horizontal lines

Yes, those lines are straight. But we see them as sloping; this always reminds me how the brain plays tricks on you and why you sometimes can’t trust it. Like when it is telling you negative thoughts. Just remember this optical illusion, and you will never see your brain in quite the same way ever again.

The Fraser Spiral

the fraser spiral for brain fog
Wikipedia – The Fraser Spiral – But it’s not a spiral

This not the spiral you have been looking for. The spiral does not exist. You are looking at circles; run your finger around, and you’ll see each is a perfect circle. It is just the background that tricks the brain into making up what it wants to see. Another reason I don’t trust my brain completely.

The Wall Melt Illusion

Please beware this is a video and has a powerful effect on the eyes, which doesn’t last long, but you may not like it. Also, do not watch it if you are hypomanic.

For me, my eyes go funny and then return to normal after several seconds. But it does move my brain to another level, out of the depths of brain fog. I find it amazing how we can trick the brain, and I think that may hold the secret to helping ease mental ill-health. But I’m not a scientist.

What Do I Do Next?

If after aromatherapy and brain stimulation do not work fully, I will have to stretch and do some exercise. It is my least favourite activity. But I have lifted brain fog before by running on the spot for five minutes in the pasts. The flow of energy racing through my body seems to dissipate the fog, and I can think clearer.

Then the next thing in my arsenal of brain fog annihilation is to start writing, which is why I recommend that people journal or get themselves a blog. You can read my article about blogging if you are thinking about this.

I have to write, even if I have no ideas in my head. I begin writing how I feel and then let my words flow, no matter if they make sense. The important thing is it stimulates the brain into action.

I then listen to a meditation based on personal preference, but if you are unsure which meditation to choose, then I recommend the subliminal ones from Jonathan Parker.

Visit Jonathan Parker’s Website. [AF]

Since completing this article, my brain fog has almost lifted completely, and that is thanks to all the above, and I recommend giving them a try.

Peace & Blessings

Lou x

im not a doctor

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