Depression Brain Fog and How to Ease It


As I write this, I have depression pushing into the furthest reaches of my brain. It is filling my head with a blanket of fog. Depression brain fog is very debilitating, and I find it to be one of the hardest things to escape from, but I have learned a few tricks which can help me ease it a little.

Now I have managed to ease it enough for me to write, and I will go through everything I have done today to get to this point.

This Morning

When I first awoke, I actually felt OK, depressed, but in the grand scheme of things, not too bad, but as the morning progressed and even after my extra strong morning coffee, I could feel the clouds dropping into my brain, and the mist turned into a dull grey peasouper.

I took my medication, Sertraline and Aripiprazole ( I did come off the latter but needed it, so went back on it). I had another strong coffee and waited; nothing the fog remained.

I fired up the laptop and checked this site’s analytics to try and stimulate my brain, but it was total mush, and I could not register the data being shown to me. So I went on Pinterest and looked through my pins and other peoples; the fog rose a little. You can follow me on Pinterest by clicking the picture below.

depression brain fog and easing it
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This Afternoon

After fuelling my belly with a bacon and cheese pastry and an egg custard tart for energy, I decided to stimulate my brain more by watching a series about the world’s ancient wonders. It worked a bit; it gave me enough brain energy to realise I had missed some of the major components I usually undertake to ease brain fog.

I went through my own article on brain fog and the visual stimulation from optical illusions. I then had some CBD oil and a krill oil capsule.

The fog was stubborn, very stubborn, my mood was very low today, and I even hit the point of “why am I bothering with anything” but my favourite saying is “this too shall pass”.

Depression brain fog is extremely difficult to shift when you have a major bout of depression, but I threw everything at it today.

I went full-on with the aromatherapy too, citrus was what my mind was telling me, and so I rubbed oil into my wrists and neck and laid on my bed and soaked in the aromas.

My brain began to tick over, slowly, but it had begun to whir into action.

Early Evening Easing Depression Brain Fog

By now, it was early evening, I did not want to overfill my belly with dinner, so I had an egg and cress sandwich and a packet of crisps. For some reason, if I overfill my stomach, it can make my depression feel ten times worse, and as evening is the worse for me when it comes to depressive thoughts, I chose to have a light meal.

I carried on watching some more about ancient wonders, and then suddenly, my brain had energy. The fog was now hovering above my brain and not enclosing it.

It may have taken me all day, but I got there. It has been the hardest battle all day, but I have managed to free my mind from the grips of depression brain fog, and I have been able to write this article.

Admittedly it is not the longest one in the world, but I hope that a part of it will help you if you ever suffer from brain fog.

Peace & Blessings

Lou x

im not a doctor

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