Depression Getting Worse – What To Do?


As someone who suffers from depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety, it is not unusual for me to have mixed moods, and currently, my mood is very low. If you feel your depression getting worse each day or even hour, I hope the tips I have listed below will help. They are some of the things I do to help improve my mood.

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I can’t promise the suggestions I employ will help you, but even if one of them eases your symptoms for the time being, then it will be worth me baring my soul about my illness.

Medication Is Really Important

I’m not great with medication, I have a poor memory, and sometimes I forget to take it. Or I get the idea that I don’t need it anymore and come off of it only for my mental illness to flare up. This is what has happened. I took it upon myself to withdraw from my mood stabiliser because I felt sure it was stopping me from sleeping.

depression getting worse
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I was right. It was causing my insomnia, and with the help of melatonin, I could get to sleep. However, I have had to go back on my mood stabiliser, Aripiprazole, because I have become unstable.

There is no shame in admitting you made a rash decision or an error of judgment, and me coming off one of my meds was foolish, but at least I learned what was causing insomnia. And although I may experience it again, when the drug is in my system fully again, I can then tell my psychiatrist, and they can then change it.

Depression Getting Worse? Change Meal Size

Whenever my depression gets really bad, I switch my meals up, most of the time, I don’t feel like eating, and if I overfill my belly, it makes my depression worse. For me, a full stomach equals a heavy depression.

I tend to make my evening meal a sandwich because my depression is often worse in the evening, it can be bad the whole day, and if so, I stick to snacks every few hours. A handful of this or a handful of that, it’s easy as my brain cannot cope with preparing food.

I tend to order from a food delivery company as I cannot face visiting my local shops. I would suggest if you are in a bad way to order in. Yes, I know exercise is meant to make you feel better, but the last thing I have is energy when I am depressed.

Making my meal sizes smaller and already prepared, such as a sandwich or a small ready meal, means I conserve brain energy. My belly is not using lots of energy to digest a big meal, and thoughts of preparing something do not consume my mind.

Saving energy to fight depression is really important.


I try and distract my mind and have a variety of recordings of comedy shows to watch. I avoid anything which requires me to think, such as mysteries; all I need is to force-feed myself good vibes. Even though I don’t feel like laughing, and when I start to watch it, I want to turn it off because it is too joyful and does not match my mood.

However, after ten minutes, the joy and laughter do spread, and my depression can be distracted, and I can emit the odd giggle, which lifts my mood a bit.

For me personally, I have to avoid anything horror related or emotional; this latter also extends to music. Everything has to be light and airy, nothing deep.

I also find watching sports helpful, usually, football or formula 1, the activity on-screen takes my mind out of myself, and I can distract the depression enough to feel OK for a bit.

Gummies or Something Stronger?

Sometimes I become anxious about my depression, and I have three choices that work for me when this happens, the first is meditation, the second [AF] stress-away gummies, which I get from Piping Rock and my last resort because they can make me feel very tired is Promethazine, an allergy tablet, I get from my doctor.

At the moment, I am using meditation and gummies, as I wouldn’t say I like feeling depressed and tired at the same time. It makes me feel worse.

If the weather is nice, I try and meditate outdoors, as Vitamin D can help, and the sound and smells of nature can enhance your mood. I’m fortunate to have a back garden, and I know not everyone has, but if you can find a bit of green space to meditate in, then it can help you to feel better and halt your depression getting worse.

Be Easy on Yourself

I sometimes am too hard on myself for not doing the things I normally do when depressed. I normally am a prolific writer, and I write a post on this website about once a day, but when I have depression, it usually comes with brain fog, and I have to take time out.

I used to beat myself up about it, thinking I was letting people down, but I realised it was unhealthy for me to force myself to do things, as it prolongs my depression.

It is important to take care of yourself, even if all you can manage is to brush your hair and teeth; it is a start, don’t push yourself too hard. You wouldn’t expect someone with a broken leg to run a marathon, so why expect a broken brain to function the same as before. It needs time to heal.

I hope these few suggestions will help you if you are experiencing depression, and remember it will pass and seek out medical attention if you have any harmful thoughts.

Peace & Blessings

Lou x

I'm not a doctor

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