Positive Thought and All That!


How many times have you seen someone exude positivity only to find out they are really masking depression? I, for one, have seen it countless times over the years. I write this post based on positive thought and how they can help a degree but not for the depressed mind. As no amount of “think positive, be positive” is going to work.

So what will?

Action will. I am a firm believer in making the change, you have to be the change, another quote from somewhere, but I firmly believe in it. I believe action is the way forward with depression, and although a depressed brain does not want to act, you have to force it a little bit.

I am totally for occupational therapy, where actions make the greatest impact, and I feel that if more people were active in their mental affairs, there would be a better overall effect on our lives.

I, for one, like to try and talk positively, but I know not everyone wants to hear it, and it can grate on the nerves. But action is different. It is about you taking the step to improve your brain and enhance your life.

A lot of effort is spent trying to have a positive thought, and in my mind, it is a waste of energy; you will hear people say, I do several positive affirmations per day to make me feel better, but do they? Do they really make them feel better, or are they lying to themselves?

You can only be looking on the bright side when you are standing in the light. If your mind is dark and painful, no amount of positive thought will help you.

sunflowers and standing in the light

What Will Action Do?

Action is what the body and brain want; it wants you to create something, do something, go somewhere, anywhere where it can feel, taste, see, hear and smell. It is all about the senses, the mind wants this too, but it wants to make memories and experience.

To create action, you have to do. You can’t just sit there, and will it happen? You have to do something, even if trying a new brand of coffee or learning how to knit. Something needs to change.

Occupational therapy is all about taking you out of the zone you are in and experiencing something new. Not necessarily exciting in terms of life experiences, but it is not about positive thought. It is about positive action.

For this to work, you need a plan of sorts, not a huge plan, just one thing. It could be getting dressed that day or even set the alarm to get up at a particular time. You could plan the day around movies; inbetween each movie, you wash a plate up or polish an ornament. It is all about action, and as you can see, I’m not talking skydiving here.

I’m being realistic in what a depressed mind can achieve.

Why is Positive Thought Ineffective?

Because it does not address the issue, it is merely a mask of words over the top of an out of control brain. There are many reasons why a person may become depressed, and there are countless ways out of depression but thinking positively is not one of them.

I have never heard anyway say they recovered from depression by thinking positive. But I have heard people say they have recovered by doing something about it.

Doing is the keyword here; doing equates to be solely responsible for your mind, not relying on an affirmation to get you through.

Words can placate, they can inspire, but it takes action to get the thing done.

Depression Takes Energy

When you are depressed, you seriously lack energy; I know I do when I have it; my whole being does not want to do anything. In fact, it feels quite incapable of doing anything.

positive thought and all that

However, I know to begin to get out of the depression, I have to take action; my first step is always to get anti-depressants. I know I need them. Some people will try to avoid medication, but I, for one, know they will help me.

The second thing I do is start listening to meditation and hypnotherapy apps. Why? Because I need to bring about a change in mindset so that I can write a plan.

The plan at first will seem futile; everything you put on there will seem unachievable. But you only need one thing per day. Not an entire page of ideas.

A depressed mind can handle one thing, even if it is brushing your teeth. It is an achievement, and it is the action your brain and body requires.

You see, if you just thought about a positive saying, you would not have moved forward. You would not have achieved anything. You would have just delayed your getting better.

I hope you can see the point I am trying to make, and I probably seem as though I’m strong on the issue, and I am.

I just finished a session on Twitter and thought to myself that all these positive thought quotes help no one. The only quote which helps me is: this too shall pass. And everyone has their own life motto, but the majority of Twitter is people quoting positivity, but it doesn’t help anyone really.

I might like a quote but will it change my life? No, but action will.

I really want you to be able to see the positive affirmation crew cannot help you. Only you can. And it starts with the simplest of things—one step per day. You have to create that better mental wellness.

You can do this, choose the easiest tasks first and plan for the day. Once you have achieved that day’s task plan tomorrows one, soon you will have enough confidence to plan a doing each day for the week.

You can do this, you can emerge from depression, a tiny bit each day, but you will get there; sometimes there are steps backwards, but that’s OK, they will happen, but overall you will be improving and reclaiming your life from the beast of depression.

Please leave comments of your doing in the comments section below, and if you have other helpful tips, please leave those too.

Peace & Blessings x

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