4 Meditation and Subliminal Support Therapies

I believe that meditation and learning to live in the present is the most rewarding thing you can do for your mental health. Meditation comes in many forms, from the classic “om” to the latest tech to help create an immersive experience.

meditation and subliminal therapy
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I’ve handpicked a selection of practitioners who offer guided meditations or subliminal support. I have also added some wonderful technology you can use to either induce sleep or alleviate stress and help you to relax.


I don’t like to dilly dally with a load of waffle so I’ll get straight to it.

Mind Place

If you like tech, as I do, then you cannot fail to be impressed by Mind Place. They produce products which will aid you in the deepest relaxation you have ever felt. At the time of writing, their bundle system called Kasina is popular, with its light and sound meditative software. I’m in the process of saving up for this one as I want the full works. I need it.


mind place meditation software and hardware
Mind Place

The Kasina bundle will immerse you in a visual and aural meditation, and I am super-excited for the day when I get mine. Still, you can beat me to it, and if you do, leave a comment at the bottom of the page and tell me what I am soon to be experiencing.

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Ever wondered what binaural beats could do for your brain? Then wonder no more. Hemi-Sync offers their binaural technology to you, where you will discover how to relax and feel the stress ooze away. I use binaural beats when I am in a depressive state or anxious, and they really help ease my being. You can also realise the benefits, plus if you go to their learn page and scroll down, you can sign up to their email list and get your free album.


woman meditating with headphones and mp3 player

You can do a monthly or annual subscription, but you can also buy individual albums for meditation, and they range from self-confidence to anger management and so many more. An ideal way for you to learn to meditate and experience the benefits of binaural beats.

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Dr Jonathan Parker

If you are looking to really turn your life around, Dr Parker has put together a wide-ranging programme that aims to help you. His programs range from letting go of the past to self-empowerment. Plus, if you are spiritual, there are plenty of other ones to choose from. These guided meditations will move you forward in your journey to wellness. Meditation not only benefits the mind. It also helps the body see my article.


woman listening to meditations

Dr Jonathan Parker’s guided meditations and self-practice will help you release some fears and discover more about yourself. One of his programs that look very beneficial is The Soul Solution, and I also like the fact he has free resources you can use on his website.

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If you have never meditated before then, Joybija will be really helpful to you, and you can even try them out with a free meditation session, which is always good. As I have grown older, I’ve realised that you need to take advantage of everything as you have to experience life to its fullest in your good moments, which is why I recommend trying out the free session; you have nothing to lose.


joybija meditation woman meditating in the woods

Joybija offers a community experience, and you can access their beginner’s course for one year, so you can go as fast or as slow as you wish. The lessons feature videos and audio, and it truly is a course enabling you to learn how to meditate.

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I’ve tried to give you varied options in the suggestions I have made, and I hope you will find the serenity you deserve. I’ve also added a video from Youtube below as a beginners introduction to meditation. It is a simple scene, and you need to immerse yourself in the viewing of it. So get comfy, put the video on full screen, watch for ten minutes, and see how relaxed you feel afterwards.

Let me know in the comments below.

Peace & Blessings x


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5 Replies to “4 Meditation and Subliminal Support Therapies”

  1. Very interesting post. I practice yoga and sort of flirt with meditation. At the end of each session, there’s time for deep breath and light meditation. The therapies which you suggest take it up a notch. You’ve got me thinking and motivated to take that next step. Thanks,

    1. Thanks for visiting and the meditations are more in depth and I find deep meditation really helpful in daily life 🙂

      Lou Farrell says:
  2. Living in the present moment is something that I definitely need to focus on and appreciate more. I used to use Calm for meditation guidance yet haven’t tried it in ages now hehe

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