Best Subscription Boxes for Mental Health

There are so many wonderful subscription boxes for mental health that it was difficult choosing the best ones, but I have chosen what I believe to be the top ones for mental health.

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I love subscription boxes because they all contain a surprise, sometimes you never know what you are going to get, luckily all the ones I have had have been brilliant and always put a smile on my face.

Obviously, a subscription box is not going to cure depression or anxiety. Still, they can lighten the moment, and some work well towards self-care and being kind to yourself and giving you a generous helping of me-time.

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You can get a subscription box for nearly everything, and if you want a box for something other than mental health then you might want to check out [AF] Crate Joy, there is so many to choose from, that there is bound to be the perfect subscription box for you.

However, we are focusing on mental health here; we want a box that will lift our spirits and be useful. I am all for practicality, but I also like cute and beautiful things; yes, I am a complex being, but nobody said you couldn’t have useful and fabulous at the same time.

The Subscription Boxes for Mental Health

I’ve included one box that can be dispatched globally, and there is one for the UK and another for the US with Canada. All the boxes are of top quality and offer something I feel is perfect for helping you with improving your mental health, even if just for a short while; as we all know, things do not make us happy, but it is the experience we remember.

blurt it out subscription box for mental health

[AF] My first choice is the box from the UK as I am from the UK, and it is thoughtfully prepared by a charity called Blurt It Out, and they are all about mental health. If you live outside of the UK, contact them to see if they will ship to your area, they might very well do so. When I ordered one of these boxes, I was pleasantly surprised by the detail and the helpful booklet and, of course, the other contents, which were ideal for self-care; I even received a little craft kit to keep my mind calm and my hands busy.

loti wellness subscription box for mental health and self-care

[AF] My second choice is for those living in the US and Canada, and it is a subscription box dedicated to feeling good about yourself. Loti Wellness has been voted the best self-care subscription box of 2021, which considering how many boxes there are out there, is pretty impressive. As I’m from the UK, I cannot purchase one of these gorgeous looking boxes, but I hope if you do, you will leave a comment below. I’m going by the feedback about them, and it looks good. A little bit of me-time is always time well spent.

art of tea subscription box for mental health and tea meditation.

Last but not least is for those who love tea, now you may think this is an odd box for self-care, but it is for the tea meditation, which I love to do to clear my mind and make me feel special. You can read about how to perform tea meditation here. The Art of Tea club is all about different teas and their unique flavours, blends that can transport you to newer experiences. You will definitely feel better receiving your choice of teas, they leave nothing to chance, and everything is perfectly packaged.

cratejoy subscription

Well, there is my three choices of subscription boxes for mental health, and no doubt I will come across more on my travels and let you know all about them. I hope you like them and remember if you want to choose your own box, then visit Cratejoy, where you will be spoilt for choice.

Peace & Blessings

Lou x

Lou Farrell

Welcome to the mental health blog of Lou Farrell. I am a writer and copywriter who pens all manner of articles relating to mental wellness and mental illness. I write about my own experiences and the knowledge I have gained over the years as someone who has bipolar disorder. I hope you enjoy the website :-)

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  1. Caroline says:

    The Blurt Foundation box looks great – I was actually just looking for a mental health box so perfect timing x

  2. Love this! Taking care of our mental health is super important so I’m so grateful for this list. I love the look of Blurt It Out as I too am in the UK. Thanks for sharing!

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