Depression Chat Rooms: 10 Free Websites to Use

When you need to express yourself, a depression chat room could be the answer. You normally find a quick response to your needs. However, if you are on the verge of self-harm, do not use it; seek attention from your local medical professionals. Depression chat rooms are for thoughts and feelings, not necessarily for prevention.

10 depression chat rooms
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I have listed ten chat rooms that all offer a free service, and some are monitored, and others not so much; as with any online chat, never give out personal details such as bank accounts or your address.

The depression chat room should make you feel comfortable, and it will be natural to feel a little nervous at first. But if you are used to posting on social media, you will learn how to use the system quickly.

I’ve provided ten because you might not gel with the first one you try; you need to feel confident about using the room, which will make the experience better. If at any time you feel uncomfy, close the window down and come out of there. You don’t owe anyone or anything your valuable energy when combatting depression, so choose the room you feel most comfortable with.

Depression Chat Rooms

They are not in any particular order, click on the link, and you will have a new window open up and be taken to the chat room.

depression chat rooms

I have nothing to do with running these websites, and I have no control over the content, so if you are happy to chat, let’s begin.

  • Depression Chat, as the name suggests, has chat rooms, but it also has forums and blogs, which might prove useful to you. The site looks a little dated but don’t let that put you off, as this may be the perfect chat room for you.
  • Healthful Chat has chat rooms for various topics, and they have a depression room; once again, it looks a little antiquated but contains a lot of information. They have many chat rooms; when I visited, there were 53 of them for all the health topics they cover.
  • Chat Friends is the most modern of the bunch I have come across, and they do offer a free chat service alongside a VIP membership. They have several different rooms, from depression and anxiety to parenting.
  • Talk With a Stranger is chat room based but has many adverts, so you might not like this one if you are not keen on ads. However, you can chat anonymously or even one to one. They have a huge amount of chat rooms, so they can be used even if you are feeling OK.


  • Yes, I Chat looks easy to use and has chat rooms for depression; however, use with caution as I am not sure how much monitoring happens on this one.
  • My Black Dog is a charity, and they have chat rooms that run from 5 pm to 10 pm, and volunteers operate them. Saturday and Sunday have longer opening times, but it is free; this looks quite a good one if you happen to want to chat during their scheduled times.
  • Depression Understood looks similar to the first one I listed; they also have chat rooms and forums. Once again, it looks a little dated but might look fine on a mobile; I viewed it from a laptop.
  • The Hope Line is similar to Black Dog with its times; on this depression chat room, they also offer email a mentor and prayers. It looks as though it is Christian based, but you don’t have faith to use their services.
  • Psych Forums is not a chat room but, as the name suggests, a forum, but I liked its look, so I included it. They have a huge amount of mental health topics, and you can spend hours on here, like I did, searching out various information.
  • Vigyaa is an anonymous chat room to chat simply; I’m not sure how well it is monitored as I saw some saucy chat threads, which really shouldn’t have been on a depression chat room. But it does seem quite busy.

There you have it. I do hope you find the perfect chat room for your needs. I did consider starting one up myself, but I’m not sure if I would be well enough to do all the hard work. But it is an idea for the future.

Peace & Blessings

Lou x

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