Living Life Without Regrets – Do What’s In Your Heart

I don’t know about you, but I am living life without regrets, not for the things I have done, but for the things I have not done. You know the things which you dream of doing, but then life gets in the way. I have a healthy fear that I will pine for the things I should have tried on my death bed. So, a few years ago, I decided I would say yes to myself.

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Regrets I Have a Few

Don’t get me wrong, I have regrets for things I stupidly have done, but these won’t be the ones playing on my mind when death draws near. I want to be able to look death in the face and say, “Yeah, so what I made mistakes, but what a glorious life I led.” I’m not quite there yet on both counts, but I’m working towards it. I don’t want to be living life with regrets about anything I could have done.

Obviously, there are things outside my control, such as money and the cost of things, so my dream of sailing around the world is out of my budget, but I can still take boat trips locally and see the coastlines, rivers and lakes of the UK, which is where I live. I can make the most of what is available to me.

Living Life Without Regrets

living life without regrets

Years ago, I would never imagine my life would be the way it is now, but I am happy with it; yes, I have a mental illness, and it could stop me from living out some of my wildest dreams, but I can adapt them. It is the journey that counts; sometimes, the actual destination is dull.

I once went on a holiday to a remote place in the UK, and as I was driving there, the scenery was gorgeous, and I was excited about where I would be staying. Suffice to say, it didn’t match the brochure, but I had enjoyed the journey so much, I was buoyed up and I don’t regret having gone there. If I went another time, I’d book into a local castle; I don’t think anyone can go wrong with staying in a castle.

Knowing when to say yes is the hardest part; it is also the scariest part of following a life of adventure. I’m not about climbing Mount Everest adventure, but the daily adventures you and I have every day. We all have decisions we have to make, and saying yes to something that makes us feel a little nervous can be a good thing.

But I don’t want to turn into a yes machine and be taken advantage of, so my yeses are to myself only, as it will only be me with regret in the end.

Living Life to the Full

I have recently started studying again as I want the next episode in my life to be that of a therapist. So I am studying for a diploma in CBT, and boy am I excited; never in a million years did I think I would be able to afford the course. But it so happened on that very day they had reduced the cost of their courses by half, and I could afford it. It means my weekly bingo game is out the window, but I have something which will change my life and that of others for the better at the end of it.

Never underestimate the power of saying yes to things; sometimes, you just have to go for it because living life with regrets must be the saddest thing. Make each minute count, even if it is watching a film, you would not normally watch, such as one in a foreign language or a different genre.

Don’t worry if your dreams are not as big as others; some people are happier when the dream is more achievable rather than a pipe dream. I, for one, dream small, meaning I can pack more into my life even when I am unwell with my bipolar disorder.

Life is all about experiences; these are the things we remember, conversations morph into one, colours seem to blur, but the emotions and memories of a mini-adventure can stay with you for a lifetime.

Live life without regrets, be what your heart desires and quiet the negative mind inside. You will enjoy life more with an attitude of yes; “yes, I’ll do it” than regret never having tried.

Peace & Blessings

Lou x

2 Replies to “Living Life Without Regrets – Do What’s In Your Heart”

  1. This was an lovely read as I sometimes feel that there’s too much focus on things always turning out perfectly. As with your stay in the place where it didn’t quite live up to expectations you had a positive mindset shift. I’m definitely looking to do that more myself. I definitely have regrets, and some are needed and valid but they shouldn’t be something I use to hold myself back. Thanks for this — very thought-provoking!

  2. tbh i never regretted anything, because everything good or bad made me learn and have experience from each one and how to improve myself into a better person, that’s why i can relate to your article, thanks for sharing!

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