Self-Care Checklist

I have designed three self-care checklists for basic care when you feel depressed, or your bipolar disorder affects your daily life. The checklist items seem very simplistic to someone who may not experience very poor mental health, but the suggestions will require mental strength.

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The other self-care checklist is for those recovering from a depressive or hypomanic episode, once again, I have kept it simple, but it is more involved than the one above.

The last self-care checklist is a blank one for you to fill in with your own needs.

Just save the image and print the image out. Or you can copy out the suggestions onto a notepad if you do not have a printer.

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Basic Self-Care Checklist

self-care checklist

Self-care is all about looking after yourself as best as possible. Having a self-care checklist frees your mind as you are no longer thinking about what you should be doing; it is there in front of you. Leaving you to focus on getting well.

Step-Up Self-Care Checklist

self-care checklist

Use the self-care checklist daily, and after a few weeks, it will become a habit, and you are less likely to need to tick off the items. Hopefully, they will help you to grow in self-confidence as you fight depression.

Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves to do things, and these checklists are but a guide; they are what I need when I feel depressed. So I have placed a blank one underneath for you to add your own to-dos too.

Blank Checklist

self-care checklist

Peace & Blessings


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