Prayer and Making Space – Mentally and Physically

I was on Twitter earlier, and a tweet inspired this post for me to write about the space I have created for my prayer life. I find prayer and meditation vital for helping me in my daily life, and although not everyone is an advocate of it, if you have never tried it, this post may be for you.

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There is something special about having a place that is yours alone for prayer and meditation. It makes the activity more rewarding, of course, you can do this anywhere in your home if you haven’t the room. But a specific place adds to the ambience of the event.


Where Do I Pray?

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I have an alcove in my bedroom, which used to house a built-in wardrobe. The wardrobe was removed years ago before I became a Christian and has been an empty space, occasionally housing a laundry basket or the blanket box. But I have now made it into my prayer space.

It is about 3ft x 3ft, enough room for me to kneel, and I have a shelf where I place my bible, my glasses, sometimes I’ll light a candle. I have a cushion on the floor if my feet hurt; I have arthritis in my toes, sometimes I can’t kneel on them, so I sit on the cushion.

Occasionally I will stick a prayer on the wall in front of me, either one I feel is so important I want to get the words just right or one I have found online, which really spoke to me. I also have a list of people I want to pray for and a list of things I want to give thanks for. My memory is terrible, so I need these things.

My little space in my bedroom feels more sacred because I have dedicated it to God. When I enter this space, I feel as if I am communing directly with Him. Even though I know He can hear me wherever I am, it’s just that it feels more special to me.

What Can You Do?

praying by a lake

I hope you are pondering where you can create your own little haven, sometimes family life is hectic, and we all need space, no matter how small, where we can go and pray or meditate or both. If you haven’t got a room indoors, you might have room outdoors, like a shed or garden room.

If you have no room whatsoever, then consider taking your special space to a special area; it could be a particular park bench or a spot in the woods, by a stream etc. Anywhere you would feel comfortable praying, nobody needs to know what you are doing; this is between you and God.

Obviously, you can go to church and pray, but with Covid, churches have been closed and only open for service after lockdowns have eased. It is quite rare these days to pop into one to pray, which is sad.

I hope this little article will inspire you to find the perfect spot, but even if you haven’t located one, the sofa is still fine.

Peace & Blessings x


[AF] P.S For meditation, I recommend the Mind Place meditation bundle. It is a light and sound meditation kit. See below. Click on the image, and you will be taken to their website.

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