35 Mini Prayers for Mental Health

A mini prayer is great for times you need to calm an anxious mind. I have written 35 of them for you to pick and choose depending on your frame of mind. I pray you’ll find what you are looking for, and I also pray your mind is placated and given the help it needs, in Jesus name, Amen.


I hope the prayers will act as a prompt for longer chats with God, and the prayers for mental health are designed to be a quick way to place your thoughts into action. Remember, it is not the length of the prayer that is important. It is the heart that speaks the truest word.

man praying, 35 prayers for mental health

Lord, grant me the gift of love and laughter.
Lord, I pray for peacefulness in my heart and mind.
Lord, may you find favour in me and allow me to sleep when I lay down tonight and awake feeling fully refreshed in the glorious light of your day.
I ask Jesus to fill me with joy and love.
Holy Spirit teach me how to help myself and be there in my hour of need.
Lord, be my strength and my courage in my hour of distress.
I ask Jesus to walk with me as I face my adversities head-on.
Lord, be gracious to me as my actions are uncontrollable at the moment, and I need Your blessing in my life to walk the narrow path.
Lord, my life with you is exciting, and I pray others in my life come to seek Your love the way I have.
Lord, with you at my side, I can fight the demons which pursue me, and I can fight the good fight with You by my side.
Alpha and Omega, the one true God, be my protector and save me from myself.
I pray in the name of Jesus to be love as He is.
Lord, instil within me the peace and love I need to make it through the day.
Lord, I haven’t been great; my brain is all over the place; please help me with my illness, make me better, allow my being too filled to the brim with the Holy Spirit and heal my wounds.
I pray to my Saviour to transform my mind into one of serenity and calmness.
Lord, I pray you to ease my torment and allow me to live the way I should be living.
Heavenly Father, I pray you to gift me with acceptance of who I am and who I will become with you by my side.
Lord, please hold me close in your strong arms and protect me from those who wish me harm.
Lord, I ask you to send angels to watch over me to fight the demons who try to besiege my every move.
Lord, grant me serenity.
I pray in the name of Jesus that I am given the power to move forward with my life, and I am no longer hindered by evil.
My Lord, I ask for forgiveness of all the wrong I said when my mind was in turmoil.
Lord, please give me the strength to carry on.
God, I ask for you to give me the acres of self-worth I need to live to the full and carry out the following years serving You the way You want me to.
In Jesus name, I plead the blood of Christ over the open wounds of my mind.
Lord, deliver me from evil and turn me aside from the plans of the wicked one.
Holy Spirit, fill me with the peace I so long for.
Lord, my God, my Heavenly Father, grant me the help I need in my time of need. Place upon me Your mighty hand and hold me tight in Your love.
Jesus, I will follow you where ever you send me, and I know it is only with You when love and peace reside.
I pray in the name of Jesus that any demonic forces be gone, for I am strong in my faith, and you hold no sway over my mind. I have the mind of Christ.
God, the maker of all things, You created me, and I am truly thankful; show me how to tame my mind.
Lord, I know I can learn from this; teach me the lessons to teach others.
Lord, grant me mercy as I bow before You in love and honesty.
Lord, my God, my Heavenly Father, please help me when things are too much for me to handle, give me the power to see when it is evil up to tricks and let me be filled with Your love and fight the good fight.
Jesus, hold my hand as I sleep.
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I hope the prayers are suitable for what you need. If you have your own, please leave in the comments below to share with others; it would be much appreciated.

Peace & Blessings x


[AF] P.S If you are searching for an alternative method to prayer (if you are not a Christian), try using the meditation bundle below. However, there is no substitute for God. Meditation can calm your anxiety, but I will always seek God first.

Try Mind Place meditation tools.

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