Top 5 Depression Forums

Sometimes we need to vent our frustrations or seek answers, and depression forums are a great place to do this safely, unlike social media, where your personal thoughts and feelings can be trampled upon.

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I have covered depression chat rooms in a previous article and thought you would find it beneficial to discover the forums I use on occasions, sometimes just as a viewer and other times as a participant.

As with all social interactions, be it online or in person, get to know the environment first and then choose the one you feel most comfortable with; we are all individual, and what might suit me might not suit you. Test them out and see which one you prefer.

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The depression forums I have listed all have a good membership count, and they all have people posting regularly. However, unlike chat rooms, where replies are fairly quick, forums can take a bit longer.

If you do need to speak to someone about a mental health crisis, please speak to your medical professional first or, in dire emergencies, contact the Samaritans or go straight to the emergency department of your local hospital.

[AF] If you need counselling, you can visit Calmerry and get the mental health support you need through their online counselling service.

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The Depression Forums

  1. Depression Forums UK
  2. Beyond Blue Australia
  3. Mental Health Forum
  4. Dealing With Depression
  5. SANE Support Forum

The Depression Forums UK

If you are in the UK, then joining this forum would be a great choice. They have various topics on depression, from seasonal affective disorder to bereavement. They also have run of the mill general sections if you want some light relief. They also cover health and wellness.

Beyond Blue Forums Australia

If you live in Australia, this would be your ideal choice as they only accept members from there. They have a lively looking website, and much of it is a question and answer style forum. There seems to be a quick turnaround of people, so you are bound to get responses to your questions.

The Mental Health Forum

Open to everyone, this is a clean looking forum with a healthy flow of new posts and responses. I personally like the layout of this one as it is not fussy. They cover a range of topics from postnatal depression to anxiety and depression. You will surely find like-minded, helpful people on this forum.

Dealing With Depression Forum

A classic forum for anyone to join; at the time of writing, they had 222 members online, so this is a busy one. Probably your best chance of getting responses to your questions. The colour is a bit garish, but if you love purple, you will love this forum. It is the one I view most often.

SANE Support Forum

Anyone can join this forum, and you have to be over eighteen to do so. It is not suitable for just viewing. You have to sign up. It is clean-cut and is part of the SANE charity, a registered charity in the UK. Alongside their forum, they can help with depression from an article perspective and phone numbers, and you can also volunteer.

The depression forums above will give you options when dealing with your depression; sharing your experiences can help others. And reading other peoples experiences can also help you when it comes to managing your own condition.

I hope one of the forums will suit you.

Peace & Blessings

Lou x

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