Top 6 Ideas – Daily Mental Health Checklist

We all need to maintain good mental health and a daily mental health checklist helps us do this. Even if your mental well-being is quite poor, adding these suggestions to your day will help you improve your current state of mind.

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daily mental health checklist
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Ensuring our mental health remains balanced is key to satisfaction in life and making sure we do not become overly stressed or down in the dumps means we can look forward to the future.

If you are suffering from depression or anxiety at the moment, these suggestions will help to improve your situation, and they will also increase the mental health of those who are not experiencing such things presently.

The Daily Mental Health Checklist

daily mental health checklist

1. Get Outside

There is a lot of benefit to getting outside into the open air, and I have written an article about forest bathing, which backs up this point. It’s not just the fresh air that will benefit; it is also the sights and sounds which will stimulate your mind.

When you are outside, you will also be moving about, either walking or if you are doing outdoor exercise, you will be increasing your heart rate, which is a healthy activity and much needed for the body. But even if you are out walking the dog, this is more beneficial than cooped up on the sofa watching tv.

Ideally, you want to head for a natural beauty spot, but your local park will also suffice. Being outdoors also helps boost our memory, according to many studies.

Participants exhibited significant increases in memory span after the nature walk relative to the urban walk…


Being outdoors also boosts our Vitamin D levels, and a lack of this vital vitamin can cause depression and lethargy. Time spent out of the home and around nature is essential for your daily mental health checklist.

2. Sleeping Well

Getting your sleep pattern into a good routine is of paramount importance; without a decent nights sleep, the knock-on effects to the next day become all too apparent, and it can lead to low mood and irritability. Setting yourself up for a good nights sleep starts from the moment you wake up.

You want to make sure you are getting up at roughly the same time every day and going to be at the same time every night, regardless of whether you have work in the morning or not. If you are working night shifts, the same applies to the roles reversed.

Your daily mental health checklist should have sleep as a priority as depression can be brought on by lack of sleep. I know only too well, and you can check out my articles on sleep to help you gain the best nights sleep you can.

If you are struggling with insomnia, I recommend the supplement Melatonin, which you can buy from [AF] Piping Rock. I take it regularly to help me get to sleep.

3. Talking and Chatting

Your mental health needs human interaction in the form of companionship. It is difficult if you live alone and even more important that you seek out connections to have a daily chin wag, even if it is just popping to your local cafe and listening to the conversations you overhear or a visit to the hairdressers so you can talk freely.

If you live within a large household, then set aside time to have a chat; this could be around the dinner table or if you are all only together in the morning around the breakfast table.

Your daily mental health checklist needs you to connect with fellow human beings, but even if you do not have anyone, a pet will be your next best thing. I have had countless conversations with my dog, admittedly it is one-sided, but you have to make the most of what you can get sometimes.

Your mental health may be poor at the present moment. You might feel uncomfortable talking to people, I would advise seeking out counselling sessions, and there is a company called [AF] Calmerry who offer online counselling; this would be most beneficial as you will gain confidence, and this, in turn, will help towards fighting your depression or anxiety.

4. Physical Contact

daily mental health checklist hugs

Alongside the chatting daily physical contact with another is a vital piece for our daily mental health checklist. As humans, we need to feel the warmth of another being, and this could be your significant other, your children or your pet. The latter is very good for calming us; I wrote an article on companion animals and the benefits.

Getting a hug from a loved one can boost out feel-good chemicals, where we will feel needed, wanted, loved and accepted; that is what a hug gives. A hug is a powerful tool for your daily checklist.

Suppose you live alone and do not have anyone you can hug or even a pet. In that case, you can try self-massage; admittedly, it is not quite the same, but massaging your arms and legs is a form of physical contact. It will make you feel better, especially if used in conjunction with aromatherapy oils.

5. Gratitude, Being Thankful

I’m a big advocate of gratitude journals, as you can tell from my article on gratitude and mental health. I find that the act of being grateful is an essential component of your daily mental health checklist.

It takes a bit of practice to get into the habit of being grateful for everything within your life, but once you have the habit down pat, you will notice a difference in your wellbeing. You will feel calmer and more appreciative of the little things in life and the big things.

It can also lower your stress levels and any anxious thoughts.

6. Avoid Alcohol

You may be in the habit of drinking after work to relax, but alcohol does not do you any favours; in fact, it is toxic to the liver. Your daily mental health checklist should not feature alcohol as it really is not good for you. If you are drinking a glass of red every night for the health benefits of the antioxidants, you’d be better off taking a supplement.

After drinking and going to bed, you may find that you have a night of restless sleep and are prone to waking in the middle of the night either because you need the toilet or because the alcohol is being pushed out of the body.

It would be best to have a cup of chamomile tea when you get in from a stressful day at work rather than turning to alcohol to destress you.

In Summary

Your daily mental health checklist should focus on the things you can do to improve your mental wellbeing. Avoid focusing on the things you can’t change and improve your daily life by following the simple checklist. Maintaining your mental health and improving upon it will help you live a much more balanced life, and you will be happier.

Peace & Blessings


11 Replies to “Top 6 Ideas – Daily Mental Health Checklist”

  1. Brilliant ideas! Sleep is the one I am currently trying to make better – I also take sleeping pills which are very handy x

  2. I like this idea of a mental health checklist, a short, accessible set of things to do to build mood equilibrium. Do you have one for extremely low-energy days, a kind of minimal “all I can do is get out of bed today’ kind of checklist?

    1. On those days it is best to be kind to yourself and not expect too much, but you might be interested in this post about circadian rhythms and there is also a post called Self Care and Messy Hair.
      I hope they help, and the most important thing is not to overthink things and go with the flow and live in the moment if you can. 🙂

      Lou Farrell says:
  3. I don’t really do a daily mental health checklist but reading this has made me realize I need one and to be consistent with it as the benefits are worth feeling. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Thank you for this post. Its great to have a checklist to tick off. I need to get back into a good sleeping routine and I’m trying to avoid alcohol during the week, which is actually going quite well, cos I’m usually just too tired with mummy duties x

    mummyconqueringanxiety says:
  5. Amazing tips! I definitely agree that a hug from a loved one can make a world of difference, and I’ve been meaning to start a gratitude journal for a while now, so thank you for the reminder! Thanks for sharing.

  6. These are great points! It is tempting to drink to relax but I feel better when I don’t drink any alcohol.

  7. I looooooove this. I try as often as possible to do everything to keep and preserve my mental health. The idea of a daily mental health check list is so fantastic. I love the idea of going outside, practicing gratitude and avoiding alcohol. I practice gratitude as often as I can and it is a game changer. Also, there’s something about going outside especially early in the morning that helps clear my mind and improve my mood. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. I love that you share some of the reasons why being outside is freeing and joyful! Physical contact also makes a lot of difference in fostering connections and just feeling close to someone, be it a person or pet.
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. I agree with all of these! I’d been neglecting a couple of them recently (especially the sleeping and getting outside) and my mental and physical health really suffered from it. Now that I’ve started to be more mindful about my daily habits, I feel much better! Thank you for the list of reminders and why they’re important – I’m going to bookmark this to keep myself on track 🙂 x

  10. These are really great suggestions. You don’t realise how important physical contact can be until its taken away.

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