What Is The Loving Kindness Meditation?

I am always happy when I come across a new way to meditate, and the Loving Kindness Meditation is one meditation I will be trying, but before I do that, I wanted to find out more about it and tell you what to expect from it.

You’ll be pleased to know it is freely available online; you don’t have to pay to be guided through it; you can even watch a Youtube video, which I have added to this article further down.

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The Loving Kindness Meditation is as it says, but rather than using these feelings towards another, you are directing them at yourself, which in turn will reflect onto others. There is nothing better than when working on meditation, knowing you and others will eventually benefit.

The Loving Kindness Meditation was created by Emma Seppala from Stanford University, and she says:

For one, loving-kindness meditation makes you feel closer to others, even strangers. And this happens not just consciously (as in you noticing that you “feel closer to this person”) but also on a deeper level (in that you automatically react more positively to people). We also found that it increases your feelings of happiness and well-being generally.

Emma Seppala

That sounds brilliant, doesn’t it and I am getting more excited about performing this meditation as I write.


And as I was reading through one of my magazines, I also found the meditation mentioned within its pages after a study at the University of Wuppertal in Germany used it on volunteers:

After the programme, the volunteers rated positive words more highly and recognised positive words faster.

Psychologies Magazine

The programme lasted several weeks, which means you will be kinder to yourself and others in seven weeks, alongside being more attracted to positive words and actions.

How To Do The Loving Kindness Meditation

I have found a few ways of doing the loving kindness meditation; you can either read it and memorise it. Be guided via a Youtube video, or listen to a podcast of it.

Your first port of call should be to visit The Greater Good in Action, this is where I discovered the meditation, and it contains all you need, except for the video. You can listen to a guided version of the meditation or read through the instructions yourself.

The other option is to watch the video below, which is how I will start and once I learn it (as I learn better visually rather than just verbal, even though the video is just verbal 🙂 ), I will then go it alone. This video is nearly fifteen minutes long. If you have trouble sitting still for that amount of time, I have added another video below this one which is only five minutes long.

The Five Minute One

You might tell that I am quite excited by this meditation as I am always looking for ways to improve myself because of my bipolar disorder. And this seems to be a great way to treat me with kindness and for me to pass it onto others.

The meditation itself has been around for quite a while, so I may be the last to know about it, so apologies if this is old news to you. However, I do hope you will give it a go if you have never tried it before. You have nothing to lose, but by the sounds of it, quite a lot to gain.

I hope this meditation works well for you; let me know in the comments below if you have already tried it or if you are going to try it. I would love to have a read.

Peace & Blessing


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  1. Great post! I’ve actually never heard of this before so this is a lovely idea- and sounds like it is very calming for your mental health too x

  2. This sounds lovely and so beneficial (I’ve not heard of it before). Thank you sharing this as I am sure I could give it a try.

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