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The writing process is as simplified as I can make it, making it easy for both of us to work together and know exactly where we are on the schedule. I have outlined below what you should expect from me and how I go about things.

The Writing Process

Let’s Chat

The first thing we need to do is connect, and you can do this by visiting the contact page and filling out the details and arranging a quote.

The Quote

I quote free of charge, and you are under no obligation to purchase from me, so rest assured you will not be hounded by me with numerous follow up emails and phone calls.

I will only make one follow-up, and that is it. I prefer to spend my time writing for my clients. If you agree to the figure and timeline stated in the quote, we can move forward.

Down Payment

Before I begin work, a 50% down payment will need to be paid. I no longer start to research or write until this is made. If we have agreed on a start date, then the down payment must be made before this time.

Once it is paid, I then begin to get to work.


The research will be related to the writing you require me to write; for example, I write a lot on mental health and physical wellbeing. If you require articles on fish oils, I will research how your business can help those who read the article.

First Draft

Once the process is underway, I will have already started working on the first draft of your content. Once I have completed the first draft, which will be spell-checked, grammar checked and fact-checked. Then I will submit it to you for you to review.


I offer two reviews of my work, it’s normally just the one that suffices, and once you agree and sign off on the project, then the next stage of the process is in your hands.


I will then invoice you for the outstanding amount, and this will be payable within 14 days of receipt. Once you have paid, you can book me for further writing work.

Be Well
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