20 Affirmations for Mental Health

I’m not normally one for affirmations. However, I thought I would look into affirmations for mental health as they intrigued me. I always thought they were a namby-pamby way of dealing with anxiety and depression; now, I think they have merit, based on the research I have undertaken.

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I did write an article a couple of months back about positive thoughts and all that, and I still stand by the positive gang who try to make us like failures if we cannot maintain positive thoughts. Still, my study on affirmations has taken me in a new direction, and I have created my own. But, there is a difference and you may notice as you read through them; they are achievable.

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The quote below is from a study regarding positive affirmations. It is clear to see the brain will reinforce what we say to it, so if we are telling ourselves “we are no good” all the time, then we will believe it; however, if we assert affirmations that are true in our brains, then this will be our overriding thought.

… our results highlight ways in which brain systems implicated in positive valuation and self-related processing may be reinforced by prospection and suggest novel insight into the balance of processes supporting affirmation.


You see, I am not interested in the positive thought brigade where you send untrue thoughts into the ether; no, I’m interested in truths, and I am learning to understand the importance this type of thought has on the brain.

If you want affirmations such as “I’m brilliant, and everything is going to go my way today,” then I will probably disappoint. I find these debilitating to the depressed mind over time if they don’t work, from my own experience. Then you’re told it doesn’t work because you didn’t believe it enough!

Well, I don’t know about you, but I want to deal in facts, and as far as I can see, the truer the positive affirmation, the more likely it will rewire our brains into behaving better.

I have created 20 affirmations for mental health, and I feel as though they are suitable for everyone; they are not to wish for being rich, to live in a nice house or win the lottery. These are based on truth which is achievable for all.

The 20 Affirmations for Mental Health

positive affirmations for mental health

These affirmations are to be used alongside your self-care plan and will not cure any mental illness, but over time if repeated regularly, they can help you turn negative thoughts into positive ones. A positive mind sees the world rosier than a negative one, which we can all do with. But we have to be realists first.

[AF] If your condition requires cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), I recommend Online Therapy; you can gain all the benefits of CBT but online. Especially useful if you cannot visit a therapist, plus it works out cheaper as you get a discount of 20% by using this link.

  1. I have overcome before, I can overcome again.
  2. My mind, my life, the illness does not own me, hear me roar!
  3. I was here before the illness, I will be here after.
  4. I am strong like a flower pushing through a concrete path.
  5. My mind can imagine incredible things, I can do this.
  6. I am unique, there is no else like me and nobody will ever be like me.
  7. I eat to fuel my body and mind, but I refuse to sustain mental illness.
  8. I do not suffer, I experience.
  9. I love myself and every little bit of self-care proves that.
  10. I am not defined by my mental illnes, I define me!
  11. I rise to meet the challenge of the day ahead as a warrior!
  12. Asking for help is couragous and I am brave.
  13. I only have now and I feel good right now.
  14. I am calm and my anxiety is in my control.
  15. Everything passes and this crisis will pass.
  16. I am worth more than negativity and I will move forward with the positive.
  17. I will notice the small things in life and rejoice in their perfection.
  18. I am on this planet for a reason, the world does need me.
  19. I can have joy even when I am depressed, it will not take anymore.
  20. I am not ashamed, I am a fighter and I will win.

I hope these help somehow, and I will be doing them too. To help get me over the depression, I am going through at the time of writing.

Peace & Blessings


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Lou Farrell

Welcome to the mental health blog of Lou Farrell. I am a writer and copywriter who pens all manner of articles relating to mental wellness and mental illness. I write about my own experiences and the knowledge I have gained over the years as someone who has bipolar disorder. I hope you enjoy the website :-)

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8 Responses

  1. Eri Tz says:

    My Dear Lou! I have to say that you made my day with your affirmations 🙂
    It has been a really tough period for me this last month but the last few days have been a lot better. We all have our ups and downs and reading something positive yet realistic is what I do need to feel better.
    Thank you so much for sharing this post!

    • Lou Farrell says:

      I’m so pleased they have made your day, and I hope they can in some way help move you forward to what you need and want.x

  2. Love these! I’ve never really been one for affirmations either but these look really realistic and achievable. Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are good affirmations. I like no.2 the most. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I’m not one for affirmations either, I’m sure they work for others, but for my nihilistic depressed mind it doesn’t seem to make any difference. Saying it didn’t work because you didn’t believe in it enough is just toxic positivity blame shifting. Anyway, your affirmations do see like a breath of fresh air compared to the ones you normally see

  5. I love all the positivity tone of these affirmations and certainly see they would be beneficial. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Harsha says:

    Thank you for sharing these positive affirmations! I really liked the 17 no.

  7. Ruth| Ruthiee loves Glamour says:

    I love affirmations so much Lou! It’s amazing how they can change our perspective towards life and everything in general, make us more confident and happier. Affirmations 4,6,9,11,12 are my favourites from this list! Thank you for sharing.

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