28 Things You Can Do On Bad Mental Health Days

We all have the odd bad mental health day, and on those days, we need quick fixes to help get us rebalanced. It’s OK to feel bad. We all can relate to this as being human comes with bad days, but you don’t want those days to prolong; if they do, you could be suffering from depression.

In this article, we will be talking about those blip days where our mental health is poor, and all we can do is stay in our PJ’s all day and possibly eat a tub of ice cream.

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Having A Bad Day

Having a bad mental health day can happen for various reasons; if you are female, it may be due to your period. You could be stressed from work, or family tensions could be upsetting you. Some of us have bad days because we have an ongoing mental health condition.

The odd day of poor mental health is natural, so what can you address the situation? Well, I have listed 28 things you can do to boost your mood, and most of them will cost you nothing and are easy to do, great for the day in your PJ’s.

Staying at Home

bad mental health day

On days when you have a minimal intention or yearning to get out of the house, these ideas will help you stimulate your senses and help with your bad mental health day.

  • Watch a series you’ve been meaning to catch up on.
  • Listen to some podcasts and broaden your horizons.
  • Paint your nails, pluck your eyebrows, trim your hair
  • Have a gorgeous bubble bath with lavender foam or lavender milk.
  • Take a nap
  • Search online for a charity to donate to, a great way to feel better about yourself.
  • Put your cosiest jumper on and snuggle up on the sofa with a hot chocolate.
  • Turn off social media and enjoy a hobby, get a puzzle out, or try my favourite which is latch hook rug making
  • Listen to happy music, get the cheesy stuff, the songs which make you want to dance and smile
  • Write some cards out to people you love, and let them know how much you love them.
  • Stretch, pretend you’re a cat and really get those muscles limber; it will improve circulation and make you feel good.
  • Watch any animal documentary by David Attenborough and be amazed.
  • Sit out in the sun if you have outside space with a nice cup of chamomile tea, leave your phone indoors to just experience nature.
  • Bake a cake or try a new recipe.
  • Use essential oils and massage your arms and legs and smell gorgeous.
  • Take a free day course online and boost your brain cells or listen to a TED talk
  • Practice mindfulness, use the raisin technique.
  • Learn to meditate, watch a video or download an app. If you have trouble just sitting there, then try the tea meditation.
  • Look at funny pictures of cats or hedghogs, or maybe snakes in hats.
  • Start reading a book that has been on your bookshelf for years or reread a favourite.

Let’s Go Outdoors on Our Bad Mental Health Day

bad mental health day walking through woods

When you know it would be best for you to get out of the house, these suggestions should spark some creativity to push you out of your negativity for a bit.

  • Go for a short walk around the block or take your dog for a walk.
  • Go out for a drive to the best place you know and site and ponder how wonderful it is.
  • Head to a library or a book shop and stock up your bookshelves
  • Grab a friend or go solo to the cinema, don’t forget the popcorn.
  • Go and visit friends or family and have a good old chinwag.
  • Book to see a therapist and talk your way through your problems, or book online and speak to one at [AF] Calmerry.
  • Head off to the swimming pool and swim your heart out.
  • Buy yourself some flowers and get another bunch and give to a family member just because…

I hope these ideas will spur you into action as that is how we improve mental health through action; well, it works for me. My favourite is the aromatherapy one, and it always stimulates my mind and moves me forward in my day. I tend to use it every day, and I would recommend it to everyone.

Peace & Blessings


5 Replies to “28 Things You Can Do On Bad Mental Health Days”

  1. You’ve included so many great suggestions. I love nothing more than popping in some headphones, listening to my favourite playlist and going for a walk.

  2. I usually listen to soothing music when I’m feeling down. I love listening to Irish folk or Mongolian throat music. These kinds of music makes me calm and happy. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Love these ideas! I wouldn’t say I’ve had a bad day but I have been feeling a little worse for wear the past week and had already decided to take a nice bubble bath with lavender bubbles tonight before bed! Getting outside always helps to clear my head too. 🙂

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