Over The Ocean by Elena Ruiz

A wonderful poem by Elena Ruiz. It lifts the spirits and makes you think of loved ones. The poem resonated with me with love and expectation, and it is a joy to read, perfect for those longing for loved ones who are not close by during the pandemic.

Over The Ocean

Over the ocean, over the sea, 
That's where I want to be. 
My hearts in London, where it will stay
I have been yearning for a man, over the ocean
Maybe soon we will meet; 
My heart goes pitter-patter, skipping a beat. 
There’s nothing as exciting as that smile, 
And that voice—a symphony so wild. 
Now as time passes, and the months go by,
I find myself wondering why. 
When I return an angel fallen, grieving and battered, exiled from heaven, 
I will miss what I’ve begun, and always question what I’ve done. 
For I am the Phoenix and he is my fire, 
Forever and ever.
Let the flame grow higher.

Author Elena Ruiz is a writer with a quirky sense of humour. She enjoys writing mental health fiction and poetry.  Her many friends inspire many of her characters. Elena resides in, New York City. Manhattan is the backdrop that provides endless inspiration for her poetry.

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