Depression Test

I’ve put together a small depression test that in no way substitutes for a doctor’s diagnosis but may give you the confidence to go to your doctor and tell them how you feel.

You can see the symptoms of depression here or find out what is depression here. Generally, feelings of hopelessness and loss of interest in things can denote depression. Your doctor may want to run some blood tests on you to make sure you are not low in iron or vitamin D, which can cause depression.

The test is for informational purposes only and not a diagnosis tool, that is what your doctor is for, please see them as soon as possible.

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Depression Test

This test is not for medical purposes but for informational purposes. Take the test and if you score highly above 60% then you are likely depressed.

1 / 9

Have you thought of harming yourself or that you are better off not here?

2 / 9

Have you been talking slowly and in one tone or have you been fidgety?

3 / 9

Are you having trouble concentrating on things like the TV, reading or work?

4 / 9

Do you feel as though you've let people down or that you are failing in life?

5 / 9

Has your eating being out of control, or have you been eating poorly?

6 / 9

Have you been feeling really tired and don't have much energy?

7 / 9

Have you been having trouble with your sleep, waking early, difficulty dropping off or sleeping too much?

8 / 9

Have you found yourself depressed, feeling down or hopeless?

9 / 9

Have you felt a loss of interest in doing things and finding little pleasure?

Your score is


Hopefully, once you get your test results, you will feel better about seeking medical attention.

In the meantime, while you are waiting for your appointment, it might be worth reading some of my articles on depression and anxiety, as this could help you cope with symptoms.

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