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There are two online therapy services I recommend throughout my blog, and for a good reason; they make life easier, and they are highly rated in their reviews online.

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Online therapy means you can have your therapy in the comfort of your own home, and they are specialists in their field of expertise. I recommend cognitive behavioural therapy, so much so I’m actually studying for a diploma in it. Hopefully, if I pass everything, I will be a fully qualified CBT therapist and offer my services online in 2022.

But I digress, the online therapists I am going to introduce you to have helped many people worldwide, and they have a wealth of experience. I’ll start with my favourite subject first, which is CBT.

[AF] Online Therapy is a very apt name, and you can receive 20% off by clicking the button below or the picture. Prices start at £23.96 per week for cognitive behavioural therapy.

[AF] Calmerry is an online counselling service and offers you mental support from your own home. You can access them by clicking on the picture or the button below. They start their pricing from $42 per week.

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