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There are certain products I love because they are perfectly suited to my mental health needs. So I thought I would provide my resources page with a list of all the stuff I find helpful and the bits on my wishlist. I’m on a limited budget after a big spend up when I was hypomanic several months ago, so I can’t buy as much as I would like, but that is not to say you shouldn’t add these things to your self-care plan.

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I’ve chosen quality products, and I always check out reviews to make sure they have good ones as I can easily get persuaded by spiel, so I have to read reviews to get to the truth.

Anyway, enough of my chat, let’s crack on with the products.

[AF] Products I Love

Mind Cards, pick a card, any card and give yourself some self-care. Follow what it says and do it to improve your mental health.

Do you like a gift through your letterbox? I do, and the beauty is each month, you get a nice surprise perfect for helping your mental wellbeing. See Letterbox Gifts. The UK only.

Before Covid, I used to love going on experience days, I need to build up my self-confidence, but if you love experiences, Red Letter Days have something for you, UK only.

Whether you are journaling your thoughts or writing your recipes, then you will love Promptly Journals; they have a wide range of gorgeous stationery to choose from. I love a journal.

If you have trouble sleeping, you need all the help you can get, and I’m always trying new methods to get off to sleep; let’s welcome Remrise, a natural sleep formula for a good night’s sleep. The US only.

If you suffer anxiety, then you’ll love Pym; they have pastilles that are good for your mood and help keep you calm and chilled, perfect for keeping in your bag. Chew your way to well-being. The US only.

I’m a firm believer in CBD oil, and the company I use is called Reakiro; I have even written a blog post about how CBD oil is changing my life. When I am feeling anxious and I get those horrid bouts of nervousness, I take a few drops of CBD oil, and within minutes I feel calmer. Give it a go.

I hope you love these products as much as I do, and don’t forget to read through all my articles where I offer my experience with dealing with poor mental health and mental illness.

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