10 Nearly Stress-Free Jobs
10 Nearly Stress-Free Jobs

10 Nearly Stress-Free Jobs

If you are looking for nearly stress-free jobs, then you have come to the right place. I have listed 10 jobs which you can do and all with very little stress. The reason behind this post is because I have mental health problems and I have chosen to live a life that is nearly stress-free and I hope these jobs will help you move towards a lifestyle where you can ensure your mental stability.

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And we also know clinical depression and bipolar are not conducive to work; in fact, just getting out of bed in the morning is an achievement. But there are some jobs you can do from home, and they have the least stress associated with them. Have a look through the 10 listed and see what options are available. One of them should be suitable, maybe not right in the midst of a major depressive episode, but once it has lifted, you can start planning for the restart of your life.

I’ve listed jobs where you work for yourself; this, in turn, will make it less stressful because if you are feeling unwell, you have the choice to work that day or not. Plus, you haven’t got a boss breathing down your neck, and you can go as slow or as quick as your mind allows you to.

The Jobs

1. Dog Walking

There is no better way of getting your daily quota of exercise and fun all at the same time. Walking somebody else’s dog is a great way of earning an income. Even during the Covid pandemic, many people still like their dogs to go on a long walk but fear the virus, so they do not want to go out. This is where you step in; if you can walk, you can take their beloved pooches on a hike. You get paid for half an hour walk to an hours walk.

dog walking side hustle

If the dog is friendly with other dogs, you can combine several dogs’ walks simultaneously, but it does depend on the dogs’ friendliness. It would be better for you if the dog can be walked with others as you get more money for that hour.

The stress on this job is possible barking, or the whole pack spotting a cat or squirrel.

2. Writing

If you love to write, you can earn a living as a writer. There are numerous freelance writing websites out there where you can offer your services as a writer. You then get paid for the job you do. Or you can write a book or be a professional blogger, like me, where you earn money from advertising on your website.

This is my preferred option, along with the dropshipping. As they suit my personality down to the ground.

You can set up as a freelance writer in no time at all, you need a laptop, but you can get away with a mobile phone if need be. But for me personally, the screen would be too small, and I type quicker on a laptop than my one finger dabbing on a mobile.

The world is literally your oyster when it comes to writing online, and once again, you can work as little or as often as you like. Some days I write several blog posts, and on my bad days, I write none and promote the ones I have already written on social media. Some days I do nothing, you know the days when you literally cannot do anything.

If it is your forte, the beauty of being a writer is the total control of your time; the only stress is possible writer’s block. But aromatherapy usually sorts this out for me.

The stresses involved in this job is deadlines and running out of things to say.

3. Herb & Plant Grower

This is one for the green-fingered among you. I have to admit I did try thins once, and I found it hugely stressful as my garden seems to be home to an overwhelming amount of slugs and snails. But the items which were not eaten I could sell. I just popped a sign out in my front garden, “plants for sale”, and people knocked on the door and bought them. That part of it was the easiest money I have ever earned.

However, if the pesky slimeballs do not blight you, then this could be the perfect job for you during the warmer months. If you have a large enough growing area, you can make enough money to tide yourself over during the winter. Consider this; you can get 100 seeds in a pack and, let’s say the pack cost £3.50 and 80% of the seeds sprout, you are onto a winner because you can sell 80 plants for £2.50 each or more depending on the species. £200 is not bad going for an investment of about £10 after you’ve bought compost and pots.

growing plants and seedlings side hustle jobs

You can also sell directly to your local shopkeeper or garden centre and, of course, good old eBay, providing you work out the best way for packaging your seedlings and small plants.

The most stressful thing about this job; is nature itself.

4. Jewellery Maker

I love jewellery making, and I intend to start doing this professionally again shortly. There is something so relaxing about making your own jewellery. I prefer using semi-precious gemstones and gold or silver. But you can make it as complete fashion jewellery by using jewellery kits or buy bulk beads for your projects. By doing the latter, you can produce even more and sell even more.

Your outlets for sale will undoubtedly be Etsy and eBay. These are the preferred choices. You can produce as much or as little as you want, and you can fit it around family life and make it when the kids are in bed or when everyone has gone out for the day to school or work.

Having a mental health problem does not mean you can’t do anything; even producing one piece of fine jewellery per week is better than nothing. You can go big with this enterprise or as small as you wish.

The stress factor will be possible returns, but with earrings, once removed from the packaging, they cannot be returned unless faulty.

5. Upholstery Repair

If you are skilled in DIY and furniture repair, you will find plenty of people searching out your skills. Some people buy a beaten up old chair hoping they will restore it, but they never do and ask someone to do it. Or you could be the person who snaps up old furniture and restores it to health and then sells it on eBay.

All you need is the space to store furniture items; it could be that you convert a shed in your garden or a spare room in your home. Or you work on one piece at a time, and space will not be an issue.

You will need specific tools, so there will be a small outlay, and you can advertise in your local free newspaper for about a fiver. You can also do a leaflet drop to let people know you are a furniture repairer and more eco-friendly to repair than throw away.

The downside to this job will be other people but you will only meet them for drop off and collection.

6. Pet Sitting

Looking after other peoples animal while they go to work for the day or on holiday is a gratifying job. You get to have great company and without all the small talk. You can either look after them from your own home or live in the other persons home for a week or two, looking after their animals. So you can get a mini-vacation too.

pet sitting side hustle stress free job

You can advertise your services on the numerous classifieds online, in your local paper and in the shop windows of newsagents. After a while, you will be known by word of mouth, and people are more likely to book you again and again because if their pet likes you, they will too.

The set-up cost of this is virtually nothing unless you need to add secure fencing to your back garden. You might need to invest in stair-gates to prevent dogs from going into areas they shouldn’t.

The most stressful thing regarding this job is handing the pets back over because they are so adorable.

7. Voice Over Artist

Many video producers for YouTube and the like seek voice-over artists, and with the growth of podcasts, there has never been so much demand. There is also the audible book arena, and believe me when I say people are looking for a diverse range of voices.

If you are happier talking into a microphone than face to face, this will be an ideal job for you. All you need is some audio equipment, and to join a site that specialises in hiring people for voice-overs, I’ve listed a few below.

The most stressful thing will be working to a deadline.

8. Oven Cleaning

If you love cleaning and don’t mind going into peoples homes, consider cleaning ovens. You can do it by hand, or you can get a machine to do all the hard work for you.

There is something therapeutic about seeing grime turn to shine, and this job could combine a form of therapy and an income at the same time.

Advertise your services in your local news agent’s window or your local classifieds, and you will be surprised at the number of people who hate cleaning their ovens. You can charge per hour or a fixed fee; obviously, the quicker you are, the more beneficial.

The only stress factor is dealing with other people, but they are normally happy when their oven is sparkly.

9. Leaflet Distribution

If you can walk for miles, then leaflet distribution is a great option for making an income. You are out in the open air, getting exercise and are free to do as you wish as long as those leaflets get delivered.

leaflet drop side hustle stress free jobs

You can work as a freelancer for someone else or work directly with a company that wants their leaflets distributed. I have often thought about setting up my own company for leaflet distribution, but then I change my mind when I realise I’m not that organised. I couldn’t do the delivery myself as I have arthritis in my feet, but I could hire a crew; you could do this idea if you are more highly organised than myself.

The set-up costs are little; all you need is a decent pair of walking shoes and enough space in your home to store leaflets. You normally get a few boxes delivered at a time. You can choose when to deliver although some leaflets may be promotional offers with a deadline.

The most stressful thing with this job is the weather, come rain or shine, leaflets need dropping.

10. Photography

Can you capture the beauty of nature with a click or the emotions of an individual through the lens of a camera? If you can, you will be well suited to selling your photos through a stock photo site.

To get on these sites, you will need to invest in a decent camera; they rarely accept photos from a mobile phone. Although a phones’ quality is great these days, the photo stock companies prefer a camera like a Nikon or Canon.

I’ve listed several stock photo sites you can choose from, or you can add your photos to all of them, and you will be paid a royalty for each one used by a customer. There is quite a lot of rules, by the way, so make sure you have your glasses on and thinking head straight; no use if you have brain fog going on when joining up.

The most stressful part of this is when your image is rejected, but they usually give a reason so that you can learn for the future.

In Summary

Stress does not need to be an issue for earning a living; you can set up your own business or be a freelancer and gain your own income. Even if you do one of these jobs as a side-hustle, you can be assured it will be one of the least stressful jobs you can do. And the bonus is you should look forward to waking in the morning and cracking on with the job at hand.

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