Another 10 Nearly Stress-Free Jobs
Another 10 Nearly Stress-Free Jobs

Another 10 Nearly Stress-Free Jobs

As promised, after my other post on stress-free jobs, I have another 10 for you to peruse. It is amazing how many jobs empower you to work for yourself and gain a sense of normalcy when you are after a stress-free lifestyle.


Now I’m not saying you need to work as a freelancer; you might find that too stressful. But I’m giving you the options available to you if you want to work but cannot work for an employer, like me.

Have a look through and see if any of these inspire you.

The 10 Extra Jobs

11. Gardening

Suppose you have green fingers or lots of energy; you can earn your income by becoming a Gardner. It normally entails mowing peoples grass, weeding, planting and general maintenance like pruning.

You may need a bit of an outlay on this one, though. Most people will need a vehicle to travel to the gardening job, and you will need tools unless you are using the householders.

I don’t recommend the latter as there would be stress involved if you broke their prize lawnmower or the shovel handed down by grandpa.

Use your own tools to start with. You will need a petrol lawnmower, a strimmer or weed-whacker, a fork and spade and plenty of energy. It is a tough but rewarding job.

You get to work in the outdoors, but that also means rain.

The most stressful thing is a pernickety householder, who doesn’t like a single leaf on the ground, be wary of working a job for one of them; there is plenty of them around.

12. Laundry Services

If you like ironing and I hear there are plenty of people who do, I’m not one of them; then you can offer laundry services. People may even want you to wash their entire week’s washing and dry and iron it.

laundry services stress free jobs side hustles

If this is the case, you would be best off using a laundrette. It will be cheaper, and if the machine breaks down, you move to the next one. And you are covered by their insurance.

Once you’ve cleaned and dried all the clothes and bedding, then head back home and begin ironing. You might have to invest in a trouser press and a suped-up iron and hangars, preferably the thin metal ones, as they will take up less room in your home.

You will also need a clothes rail for hanging all of the items on, and these are quite cheap to pick up; try and get one with wheels so you can wheel towards the hallway for when people collect from you. If you set a collection day, it makes life easier, rather than having people pick up stuff randomly. This reduces stress.

The stress that could be involved with this particular job is customer satisfaction. Remember, you cannot please everyone; nobody ever has.

13. Window Cleaning

You don’t even need a head for heights nowadays with extendable brushes connected to your water supply. However, the cheapest method to set up this business is to go old school with a bucket of vinegar water and plenty of clothes, plus a ladder.

You will need your own vehicle to travel to various destinations, but the key is to do one area one day and the next another. Otherwise, you’ll be using up so much fuel and time from going from one job to another. Set yourself designated days for areas.

I don’t know much about window cleaning; I have dog nose prints on my front room window from an overenthusiastic hound, but I do have a window cleaner, and he is finished within 15 minutes.

I pay him £12 for ten windows. And he manages to get three to four houses done in the hour, so you can see why many people opt for a window cleaning business. It pays very well if you can fill your days.

The downside is are fuss-pot householders, but the money should more than makeup for it.

14. Yoga Tutor

If you love yoga, there is a wealth of opportunities out there for you. With more and more people taking exercise at home because of Covid, you can make videos and online tutorials and get paid for a subscription to your content.

yoga stress free job side hustle

All you need is a camera; your phone will do—a nice setting for yoga moves, such as your lounge or back garden and a computer.

You can sign up to various course promotion sites, I’ve listed several, and then people will pay to learn your yoga lessons. I’ve also listed places where you can get royalty free background music.

Places to Sell Yoga Lessons

Where to Get Royalty-Free Music

  • EpidemicSounds (not the best name in the current climate but worth a shot 😉
  • Bensound, this one is my favourite but mainly for info videos, but you might find one of the tunes suited to your personality.
  • Filmstro, good for video background music.

The most stressful thing regarding Yoga as your business is the confidence to put your work out there. Self-doubt happens; we all go through it, the key is to push forward and have no regrets.

15. Card Making

Are you artsy and craftsy? Then this is the perfect side hustle for you. You can work as often as you wish to and for however long. You will be creating cards to sell either on Etsy, eBay or to your local newsagents if you feel confident enough.

You will need supplies first, and you can get these from most good arts and crafts stores and then. Once you have your supply, then I suggest that Etsy be your main point of sale. It is easy to set up, even I could do it, and I’m not good at learning new systems.

You will have to pay a tiny fee for each item you list, but I think when I listed 10 t-shirts and notepads it cost me about £2.40 in all, very reasonable.

I’m not sure if you could earn a living from this full-time, but you can earn enough part-time; this is the stressful side of it. But you have to weigh up the therapeutic nature of the work too.

16. Buy and Sell on eBay

It has been around for years, and many people make a high income from using the website. The fees are more expensive than Esty, but you can sell all manner of stuff rather than handmade items.

buy and sell clothing business stress free jobs

It is best to purchase from eBay for a few weeks; just odd little bits you can get as a bargain for you to resell again on there. Look at it as a big circle; this is my advice for the first few weeks for you to get to grips with how the system works. Then you can go on to my next idea, which is dropshipping below.

You want to make sure you know the system inside and out before you start selling; for me, it was too confusing, but it will probably make sense if you are a regular seller or purchaser from there.

Beware of fees; they can mount up the more you sell. You must make sure you are keeping fee money reserved; otherwise, if you are popular, you could end up with a hefty bill if you have reinvested in the stock.

The stress will come from customers, as with any customer-facing business.

17. Dropshipping

This is my own personal choice, as it is what I do. If you are not familiar with dropshipping, it is selling other peoples products that you do not buy to sell; they dispatch it to your customer for you.

You will run a dropshipping store. You won’t have products in your home, they are scattered around the world, and when someone buys something, the manufacturer or wholesaler dispatches it.

First off you will need a website, although you can sell dropshipped products on eBay and Amazon.

I recommend using Shopify if you have no experience building websites as the platform they use is straightforward to understand, although expensive. If you can use social media then I suggest using WordPress and using the store plugin called Woocommerce. See my dropshipping article here.

Then you have a wealth of places that will dropship products for you. Some are paid, and some are free; the former ones make life so simple you can earn money without really having to do much at all, which is why it is perfect for those with mental health problems.

[AF] I’ve compiled a list of the dropshippers I use or have used or will use in the future.

The main thing that is stressful about this is the marketing side, but I use Fiverr to purchase various people’s skills. They are relatively cheap, starting at a [AF] Fiverr for link building for search engine purposes. It can take several months to see fruition from this, so it is the waiting part that is stressful.

18. Car Washing

A bucket and sponge is all that is required and chamois leather. I’m not suggesting you wait at traffic lights and race to stationary cars to earn a living. I’m talking about visiting people’s vehicles while they’re at work or having them at home and cleaning them.

car washing business stress free job

You can even create a small website to advertise in your local area. The cheapest way of doing this is through [AF] Namecheapyou can buy a domain and host a WordPress blog site for less than a decent bottle of wine. And then use Fiverr to market and target your local area.

The most stressful part of this is probably the marketing. If you find you have a filthy car to clean, video your cleaning of it as people enjoy watching videos of muddy things made clean, it gives them a sense of satisfaction, and you can earn money from your video.

If it becomes popular, it will also help with your marketing.

19. Pooper Scooper

If you don’t mind cleaning up a dog turd and you like the outdoors, this is one of the easiest jobs around. And if I didn’t have arthritis, it is a job I would happily do.

Plenty of people own dogs but not many of them like clearing the mess up they leave. This is where you step in; you don’t even need to take the poop away with you as it can just go in the black bin bag of the householder.

All you need is a pooper scooper tool or even just a plastic bag over your hand. It is the cheapest business to set up.

Ideally, you’ll have a vehicle to get about, but you can get away with a bike as there is hardly any tools required.

A set of gloves, pooper scooper and biodegradable bags. Some hand sanitiser, which we all have with us nowadays and you’re ready to go.

Just like with the car cleaning above, you can set up your own website and target your local area.

The stress if there is any, is just the consistency of said poop, if you know what I mean.

20. Aquarium Cleaner

Do you keep fish? Do you know how to clean a tank? If you do, then this could be ideal for you. It is more skilled than some other cleaning jobs, but it is highly satisfying work if you know how to clean an aquarium.

You will need to know the ins and outs of the tank setup, and it would also be helpful if you know the variety of species within the tank.

Like dog poop, many people hate cleaning their fish tank, it is a laborious task, and the fish don’t thank you for it.

You will need various tools, and I recommend visiting a specialist aquarium site; as I have zero knowledge of what you will need, this looks like a good one. The stress part with this is the owner; they may be watching your every move their scaley babies.

There you go, another 10 nearly stress-free jobs for you to set up as a full-time freelancer or as a business or even just a side hustle. If you have given any of these or the previous ones a go, let me know in the comments below.

Peace & Blessings

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