My Top 10 Blogging Tools for WordPress
My Top 10 Blogging Tools for WordPress

My Top 10 Blogging Tools for WordPress

As I continue my journey with this blog and my writing business, I thought I ought to share the tools that have helped me on my journey. These top 10 blogging tools are the mainstay of my website, without which I don’t think I could make the site rank on Google or make it look the way it does.


If you use WordPress, the same as me, you will probably have your own list of tools you use, no doubt some of them may be the same as mine as they are very popular because they are so effective. I recommend in other posts about blogging to earn a living and how it can help you journal your thoughts for mental well-being.

As I prefer not to ramble and like to get on with things, here is my top 10 blogging tools for WordPress.

1. Rank Math SEO

I use Rank Math every day, as I write an article every day and believe me when I say I have tried quite a lot of them, but it is only this one which meets all my needs. It is easy to use, and they have a set-up wizard, which helps the likes of me, who is not very technical.

I have found that their plugin is self-explanatory and really easy to understand; give them a go; I wouldn’t use anything else for onsite SEO.

[AF] Visit the Rank Math SEO website to find out more.

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2. Jet Pack

As soon as I have installed the above, I get Jet Pack because I know it will help me set up my site and give me the tools to fight spam and secure my website. I believe WordPress themselves runs it, and it is seamless to connect. I like the many features you get from related posts to visitor summary.

Once again, because I am useless with complicated things, Jet Pack is easy to use, and you can set up the Plugin with their wizard.

Visit the Jet Pack plugin and find out more.

3. Redirection

When you start blogging, you may chop and change pages; this is where Redirection comes in. It will redirect pages that no longer exist and provide the correct information for the search engines about a missing page.

That’s as much as I know with what it does; all I know is it does what it says magically. And once again, it has a wizard to help you set it up.

Visit Redirection and see if it is something you are interested in.

4. SeedProd

I always download SeedProd whenever I start a new website because I can put up a holding page while I work behind the scenes. It saves me showing off all my alterations while I get the site in order. I also use the maintenance mode page when I’m making some adjustments to my website.

It is effortless to use. It doesn’t have a set-up wizard, but it is simple to navigate and create the pages you want. It is also excellent for landing pages.

[AF] Visit the SeedProd website and read more about them.

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5. WP Fastest Cache

To speed up your website, you need to use a caching plugin, and I recommend WP Fastest cache. I installed lots of these cache plugins before I found one I could use. This one is the simplest that I have found. You may have guessed by now, I like an easy life, which treats me well.

Every time I do something on the site, I clear the cache, and this keeps my site loading quickly; there is more to it than that, but as it is all automatic, I let the plugin do its job.

Visit WP Fastest Cache and find out more details.

6. Sassy Social Share

This is the last plugin I add before I was ready to show my site off to the world. It provides me with the social buttons you see on the left-hand side; unless you are viewing from mobile, you will see the social media icons at the top of this blog post.

You can see what they look like and choose which pages you want them on, and you can also change the shape; there is a lot you can do with them.

Visit Sassy Social Share and find out more.

7. Site Kit by Google

I use Site Kit because it makes it easy for me to connect analytics and search console, plus I can apply for Adsense directly through it if I wanted to. You can see the stats directly from your dashboard, and it certainly makes my life easier to see everything on one page.

Once again, it is all easy to install, and the wizard will guide you through what you need to do to connect your Google analytics and search.

Visit Google Site Kit for more information.

8. WP Content Protection

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to see my hard work copied and used on other peoples’ websites without my permission. So I use WP content protection, and they make it into my top 10 blogging tools because it makes it difficult to right-click on a website.

As with all the plugins I have suggested, it is easy to install and easy to set-up.

Visit WP Content Protection for more info.

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9. Web Push Notifications

To grab attention from the outset when someone lands on my site, I use push notification; you should have seen it when you landed on the page pop up at the top of the screen. You will also notice the bell in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen; this is part of Web Push Notifications.

You can set it up quite quickly, and you do get taken to their website to finalise the set-up, or you did at the time of writing.

Visit Web Push Notifications and see what they are all about.

10. PDF Poster

To display PDF’s on my website, I use PDF Poster, and it is super easy to use. I use it for my self-care checklists, and I found uploading my PDF’s quick, and they display really well on a laptop. The downside is they do not display on mobile. So I have had to place another copy of the worksheets elsewhere for mobile users to access them.

I love the way the PDF’s are displayed and because it is easy to use; I recommend it.

Visit the PDF Poster page on WordPress.

There you have my top 10 blogging tools; I hope it has proved useful to you, and if you would like to leave a comment about the tools you use, that would be great.

Peace & Blessings

Lou x


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