No Money! 20 Start-Up Ideas on Fiverr

You don’t need a lot of money to start a business online. In fact, you can start one today right now, and all it will cost you is a bit of time. You can be up and running in no time and earning as quickly as you shake a stick. I’m talking about Fiverr and how it can help you earn money today. Perfect if you need to work from home because of mental health issues or you want a side hustle.


I say today, but you have to wait a little time for people to notice you. But by the end of the week, you could have your first paid business job, and once you get your first review, you are on your way to your next.

Selling Skills on Fiverr

[AF] As you should know by now, I like to jump straight in with things; you won’t get a lot of waffle from me. You need to get yourself on Fiverr, and here is why.

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  • You have skills people will pay for, and believe me; people are looking for someone like you.
  • You can set yourself up as a writer within an hour and twenty minutes
  • You can set yourself up in anything from tarot reading to website development
  • You can have Fiverr as your website, with all your gigs in one place and just direct people to your profile
  • People buy direct after looking at your adverts, or you can bid on a gig; the choice is yours
  • The easy place I have found to look for buyers and sellers, and it is a quick turnaround time

Hold up; I have No Skills

Of course, you do; everyone has skills. Yours might be cooking and coming up with great recipes. Sell your recipes. You might be able to draw, sell your artistic talents.

Maybe your skill is in keeping people calm; set yourself up as a customer service agent. You might be a counsellor; Fiverr wants that skill too. Can you spot a writing mistake at fifty paces, become a proofreader. Keep reading for the bigger list of business ideas.

And if you really think you have no skills, then use tools that will give you skill. I love Colorcinch; it is a programme where you can do literally anything to photos, and we all know in the world of social media, photos are king. Look at what I did without any drawing skill at all. The first is a photo. The second pic is using Colorcinch. I use their paid service, but it is as cheap as chips, but they offer free too, so you could set up on Fiverr and do photo editing straight away.

photo changer
Unedited Photo
colorcinch edited photo
Using Colorcinch

No drawing skill required, pretty neat, eh!

How You Set Up On Fiverr

First of all, you need to make an account. Add all your details and fill in your profile; potential buyers will read this. If your grammar is poor, run it through Grammarly first.

The next thing you want to do is make sure you have a sellers account, not just a buying account. I have both as I use Fiverr for the marketing of this website.

Now you need to look at other sellers in the area you are thinking of selling in, what do their adverts look like. Look at the most popular sellers; can you mimic them?

If you have no idea how to create an advert for Fiverr, you have three choices, head on over to Colorcinch, you can design one there. [AF] Or you can use Canva and with a template or buy from a designer and use their template; you should be able to get the latter for less than a tenner.

Using Canva is easy. It is literally dropping things into place. I use Canva nearly every day. It is the free illustrations and tools I use. Here is my advert on Fiverr, which I designed using Canva. It is currently paused because my mental health is quite poor at the moment.

lou farrell

As you can see, it is a photo of me, the background is a nice professional colour, and because I write about a sensitive subject, I have a cute kitty from the Canva stock graphics. It took me ten minutes to design, and it is plain and simple, just like me. 

The Tests

Not all Fiverr businesses require a test, but if you are going into the writing arena, they will ask you to carry out a spelling and grammar test. I did, and no, you don’t have to score 100% to pass; I didn’t. In fact, I wondered if I would pass as I rely so heavily on Grammarly. Fortunately, I did.

It will take you about twenty minutes to complete, and you don’t have to wait for your results; it is as soon as you finish the test, and it is easy to follow. You can’t check for answers while doing the test; well, you could but not using the same screen you are taking the test on.

I’m not sure what other services require a test, maybe SEO or marketing, but if you are skilled in those areas, you won’t need to worry; they just want you to have the basic knowledge.

What Else Do You Need to Know?

Before I get to the business ideas you can set up on Fiverr. Make sure that you have zero spelling mistakes when you fill in your gig description, as it looks unprofessional. Even if you are not focused on writing, make sure you look as though you know what you are doing.

Spend time on getting everything right at this stage, and it will help you in the future.

Offer extra services, such as completing faster if your buyer pays an extra £10 or add an extra for a fiver. Fiverr actually makes money on these extras, so in theory, it should promote you over someone who offers a basic package.

Offer as much as you can but keep it in context. Don’t drift off onto a new topic; use that as another gig.

The Jobs You Can Do on Fiverr

[AF] If you have mental health concerns, you may lack confidence about what sort of job you can do on Fiverr. Look no further. I have listed what I would consider a sound list; the jobs aren’t fancy, but they’re a start to your news business.

  1. Writing Services – If you can write and make sense and know how to put keywords into an article, you can write on Fiverr.
  2. Transcription Services – Have you got a good ear for voices and a great sense of hearing through background noise? Then transcription is a profitable way to go.
  3. Video Editing Services – Do you make your videos for YouTube, transfer those skills to a gig.
  4. Logo Maker – Every business needs some type of logo; you can create using your artistic skills.
  5. Book Cover Designer – plenty of authors need the skills of an artist.
  6. Voice Overs – Do you have a clear voice or an unusual one?
  7. Online Music Lessons – Can you play an instrument? Can you teach other people, then sell your skills, put them in a gig.
  8. Drone Videos – Do you own a drone? Make use of it by selling your drone footage. Let it pay for itself.
  9. Fashion Designer – Do you create your own fashion drawings, others are interested, you could be the next big fashion thingy.
  10. Garden Design – Do you have an eye for shrubberies? Then sell your garden design services on Fiverr.
  11. Social Media – Do you have a huge fan base or followers? I’m talking over 20k; then you can offer mentions and links or product placement. Earn money from your social networks.
  12. Crowdfunding – Have you ever created a sponsorship or raised money for a project? Do you know how to reach people? Then you can set up as a crowdfunding expert.
  13. CV Writer – Do you have the knack for writing concise deceptions. Then you could be a CV writer; you can get designs from Canva as a PDF or create your own in a word document.
  14. Catchy Slogans – Are you able to come with great slogans or business names? Then you can offer this as a gig and earn an income.
  15. File Conversion – you may think your skills are easy peasy to do, but others have a tough time with file conversion; give them a helping hand with your paid conversion gig.
  16. Flyer Distribution – can you gather a team together and hit the streets handing out flyers, then you can set a gig up for doing this energetic gig.
  17. Psychic Skills – But you know I was going to get to it. If you have the ability to see into the future or understand peoples problems empathically, set yourself up with a gig and earn some money.
  18. Personal Trainer – People like to keep fit, and you can be their online personal trainer. If you are adaptable, you can be earning a living.
  19. Impersonator – Do you have a gift of impersonation, maybe you look like someone famous, or you can use someone’s voice; if so, you can earn from your natural talents.
  20. Knitting Tutor – Are you skilled in arts and crafts, there are plenty of people who want to learn a new hobby, and if you have the skills, you can give someone the same skills for their lifetime of happiness.

There you go, twenty jobs you can do on [AF] Fiverr. It has never been easier to set yourself up in business. And it won’t have cost you a penny. You can do all the above for nothing but your time, and the great thing is people pay for it.

They need you, so never doubt you have nothing to offer. You have. This is not an exhaustive list, but it should give you an idea of which direction you want to head in.

Good Luck

Lou x

[AF] P.S Moosend is perfect for email marketing campaigns to your potential customers.

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  1. Really great post and completely agree that everyone has a skill that someone else is willing to pay for. I’ve been freelancing over a year now via Upwork and direct clients but am now really tempted to start selling on Fiverr too. Thank you for this, it’s really got me thinking now!

  2. Some great ideas on here – Thank you!
    I have been considering Fiverr for a while now, I think I will give it go 🙂

  3. I’ve always wanted to work on Fiverr. Even signed up a few months back. There’s so many opportunities out there. But I think what’s holding me back is several scams on there and perhaps I get to deal with real clients and I’m scared I can’t meet the deadline considering I still have school. But after reading this post, I believe I’m ready to give it another try! Thanks, Lou!

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