So You Want to Be A Blogging Superstar!
So You Want to Be A Blogging Superstar!

So You Want to Be A Blogging Superstar!

Just like me ;-), I jest, of course, I’m not a superstar, but you could be. You can create your own blog and talk about your experience with mental issues or any subject close to your heart. If it were hard to do, I could not do it, which means you can too, and I’ll guide you through how you can be making money blogging, and you can set up a blog and be published in no time at all. You can even earn some cash out of it too.


Free or Paid?

This depends on how serious you are about writing about your chosen topic. I chose paid, and I bought my own domain from [AF] Webhosting UK, and I chose them to host my blog. In fact, I’ll let you know that it cost me under £16 to set up.

If you decide to go down the paid route, you can still have it for free if you do surveys on the side. This is how I started paying for my blog—the money I made from surveys paid for this website’s hosting.

I used [AF] Qmee for surveys, and I still do when I need to pay for marketing, but I’ll get to the marketing side a little later. For now, sign up tp to Qmee, and as a special welcome to you, I’ve split my referral fee with you so you get 50p and I get 50p.

Choosing a paid blog gives you more credence than a free one, but if you are looking to vent your frustrations and share your current situation, then a free one is probably best.

You can use Wix or WordPress for free or Tumblr. In fact, there is plenty of free websites out there that you will be spoilt for choice, but those three are the best for blogging in general.

Niche and Theme

What are you going to blog about will determine the name of your blog? My blog is all about my experience and life lessons, so it made sense to use my own name. Plus it is my work website.

You will need a name you can live with and forget about calling your blog a list of words you want Google to choose you for. This does not work. My advice is either go for your names, such as Amy Blogs or Blogging Lifestyle or Bipolar Life etc.

Or you can make your own name up, but do double-check the word you made up is not a swear word or derogatory remark in another language. Just search Google for the word and see what comes up; if it looks ok then go with that, you are more likely to get a .com domain name for a made-up word.

Once you’ve decided on your topic of interest, you want to make sure you are passionate about it. For instance, I chose mental health and, in particular, depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. Because I know these subjects and I have experience, it would help if you did the same with your blog idea.

Hone it down to the specifics. If you want to do a cooking blog, don’t just go for cooking in general; chose vegan or BBQs or cake-making, etc.


This is my choice for making money blogging; I use WordPress for all my websites because it is adaptable and easy to use. You can add plugins to help you with your blog’s daily running, and there are a plethora of themes to choose from. I have formed a bit of a habit of changing my theme because, as is my nature, I’m constantly changing my mind.

If you chose to use Webhosting UK, you’d be pleased to know they are geared towards WordPress, giving you the confidence you are with a host who knows what they are doing.

When using WordPress, you will be spoilt for choice regarding design and plugins, but the most important ones are listed below. I’ve also included the link to the theme I use, which is a free one but the chances are I will have changed it since reading.



Moosend for all Your Email Marketing Needs
  • Jetpack helps you with site security and visitor counts and more if you pay for it.
  • Google Site Kit links to your search console and analytics.
  • [AF] SeedProd helps you get a page up quickly for the search engines.
  • Headers and Footers helps you add code to the header and footer of your blog.
  • Fastest Cache speeds your website up when loading.
  • [AF] Rank Math SEO helps you with internal search engine optimisation.
  • Antispam Bee stops your website from being targeted by spammers.
  • PDF Poster if you want to display PDF’s this is what you need.
  • WP Mail SMTP for mail forms and email.
  • Yarrp at the end of each post, it gives you related content elsewhere on your website.

Top Free Themes

The links all lead to WordPress

You can choose to use all the plugins or just a few, but they are normally used on all my sites. But the more you get into blogging and your topic, there will be plugins that you will find you need.

[AF] If you are looking for a paid professional theme, then I recommend Upthemes, or for paid plugins with full back up, you can’t go far wrong with iThemes.

As for the themes, the ones I have listed are all themes I liked and have used in the past; the one on my site currently is Polite Blog, but that is at the time of writing; it will have changed from when you are reading.

blogging superstar

Making Money Blogging

There is no fast way with this; it is a slow process, so don’t expect to get rich quick instantly; this all takes time. You will find that you need at least ten to twenty posts on your website before you are considered for people to advertise on your blog, and the posts need to be informative.

There are several ways you can earn money from your blog, and I have listed them below in a table with links to the places you can go to register.

My chosen ways to earn money is Google, and you will see adverts on this site, and some of the text links on this website lead to other websites where I am paid if you purchase a product. This is known as affiliate marketing.

I will soon be opening up for sponsored posts, where people pay me to host their post, or I write a post about them, and they pay me. But I can not do this because my site is not high enough with domain authority, i.e. I need to become popular. At the time of writing, I am new compared to others.

It will take about six months for you to start making money blogging, decent money anyway.

Where the Money Comes From

Google AdsenseAdverts on your website
Share a Sale [AF]Affiliate platform, text link or banner advertising
CJ (Commission Junction)Affiliate platform, text link or banner advertising
RefersionAffiliate platform, text link or banner advertising
AmazonAdverts on your website

There are plenty more out there, and the top two are my choice of advertising. The latter works if the readership of your blog is not other bloggers or marketing people. If you aim at other bloggers, forget using Amazon as they are probably already signed up to. It would be pointless.

Marketing Your Blog

If there were a perfect method, I would be using it. But there isn’t. It is a hard slog, and do you know what? I find it a battle. The silly thing is I used to work in online marketing, so I know what to do, but I wouldn’t say I like doing it. So I pay people to help me with making money blogging.

I use [AF] Fiverr for all my marketing requirements; this extends to building my link profile for the search engines to the design of some of my banners and such for Pinterest.

I would advise if you have mental health problems, delegate as much as possible. I said at the beginning about Qmee paying for my marketing, and it does. I do surveys. Cash in my balance, then I spend it on Fiverr.

I plough it right back into my blog.

If you want to know what you need to do to market your blog, I have outlined below all the aspects you need to cover. This is from my experience, and others may have different ways, but they take time, and it will be about six months before you see any massive gains. You will notice just after a month or two more visitors, but the big turnaround is in six months.

Marketing Methods

The list below is best used as a guide; the more you learn on your journey, the better you will discover your own path based on your niche. But the methods below are what I use for all my websites in the beginning.

Once I have bought my domain name and a Seedprod page loaded to say my site is coming soon, I get building backlinks.

  • [AF] Fiverr – Pay someone to drip-feed links back to your site; use the drip-feed method as it looks more natural than 10,000 links just popping up overnight.
  • Content – Make sure your content is search engine friendly; use a plugin like Rank Maths to ensure you follow the SEO guidelines set by the search engines, as they want you to follow the rules.
  • [AF] Semrush – Keyword research, you need to know what search terms people will be using to search for your blog. I use Semrush to check out competitors and see their link profiles and what keywords they are looking to rank for. You can use the free version or the paid.
  • Keywords – Once I have my keywords, I plan my articles out; for instance, this articles main keyword is making money blogging. So you will find this phrase several times within the article.
  • Links – Your content needs links, at least one pointing to other content on your blog and one pointing outwards to a high ranking website like Wikipedia or the BBC.
  • Social Media – Set your social media accounts up straight away so you can start promoting your blog. Initially, you won’t have anything to link to, but you need to build your following up and become an expert in your field when your blog goes live.
  • Blogger Outreach – There are plenty of platforms out there for the blogging community, and I recommend Triberr.
  • Forums – Find forums in your niche and join them and become an expert in that area; if allowed, add your website to your profile; if not, then use your website name as your username, so it is synonymous with you being a professional in that field.
  • HARO – Help a Reporter Out are always looking for experts in their field and as you are one, join the email list and when a reporter requests an expert in your topic, you can then contact them and say, “here I am”. You will likely get a promotion through a link back to your website or mentioned on TV or social media.

These are the methods I use, to begin with, and then as I progress, I start leaving comments on blogs and websites linking back to my website. If there is not a website link, then I use my name of the website.

In Summary

Hopefully, I’ve shown you how to create a website and market it for you to make money blogging, there are numerous ways you can do this, but this is the method I use. If you have any comments, please leave them below or any questions, and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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