Depression Diet Plan: Eat Like a Bear

depression diet plan eat like a bear

Finding a depression diet plan is tricky, with so much information on the subject. Some of which is conflicting; however, I have come up with my own plan, which involves eating like a bear. I’m not talking polar bear and seals or pandas and bamboo; I’m talking about your forest and coast-dwelling bear. I want … Read moreDepression Diet Plan: Eat Like a Bear

Increasing Serotonin With Food – Depression Easing

increasing serotonin with food

Did you know our stomach has a tremendous amount of serotonin? And that when we take an anti-depressant, it is to begin increasing serotonin levels! What if you could help ease your depression by eating foods that help your stomach to begin increasing serotonin. It would be cool, wouldn’t it? In the end, it would … Read moreIncreasing Serotonin With Food – Depression Easing

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