Cannabis and Bipolar Disorder – Can It Help?

I’ve often wondered if all the side effects I suffer from medication could be avoided if I used cannabis to treat my bipolar. Would cannabis and bipolar disorder work together? Would it be beneficial? Or would it send me into a psychosis? This is the reason I have never tried it; there is a little bit of trepidation.

cannabis and bipolar disorder

I’m quite happy to pop pills prescribed by my psychiatrist even though I know I will get many ill effects before any semblance of normality returns, if ever. So why haven’t I tried a herbal remedy?

Fear of making my bipolar worse.

Cannabis and Bipolar Disorder Research

So I decided to do some research, and this is what I have found. I want to say it has totally allayed my worries, but as you can see from Psych Central, it is not as cut and dry as you may think.

Here is a snippet from their article and it leaves me in no doubt further research is required:

The effects of cannabis use in people with bipolar disorder aren’t clear because of the absence of controlled clinical trials and some contradictory evidence.

In other words, whether cannabis has true medicinal benefits for symptoms of bipolar disorder is still under research.

As with many age-old plant-based medicines, there is a very slow catch up within the mainstream medical profession. The latest research that I have come across was in 2020, and it proved nothing; neither yes, it works nor doesn’t.

Also, read my article on CBD Oil it has made a difference to my life.

smoking cannabis and bipolar disorder

But some people with bipolar swear it works for them, but what about the person who has never used it before? What effect would it have on them? I, for one, fear that it would lead to a psychotic episode if exposed to it over a longer period.

However, if there were definitive proof that it was of benefit, I would have no problems taking it. However, with little to no evidence suggesting it has benefits greater than its risks, I will wait for the results.

Peace & Blessings

Lou x

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