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Why Work With Me?

The blog aims to help people with mental health problems and create wellness in their lives based on my own personal experience. Alongside my experience is the research I provide on specific posts to act as a guide and show various options to enhance wellbeing, from subscription boxes to therapies and meditation.

The blog is growing daily, and there is a near-constant tweaking for SEO purposes, plus a presence on Twitter, Pinterest and a growing following on WordPress.

We all need good mental health so promote your health product or service through a featured post or a tweet.

You only need to read the comments on the blog to realise there is an audience who intends to keep their mental health in good order. And as the blog grows daily, I will be providing the best advice and guidance based on my history and my future endeavours, which you could be a part of.

Media Kit

If you would like a copy of my media kit, please email me, or if you already have an idea of what you would like, please let me know. Use the form below to get in touch with me or email lou[@]

Topics I Cover

Mental health, mental wellness and mental illness, including depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. I do touch upon other subjects, so I am not averse to covering other mental health conditions. I also cover work and life when experiencing poor mental health, including therapies and meditations. Plus, sleep products and vitamins aiding mental performance related to clearing the mind or boosting mental agility.

What I Don’t Promote

Anything which I feel would cause more harm than good. I don’t promote on the blog for free.


Gifted Products and Services

I am open to offers of gifts and/or services but will only consider if it is something I would think about purchasing to aid me with my own mental health, this could be a sleep aid to meditation practice or supplement. I love aromatherapy, so this is usually a safe bet. But I am not interested in clothing, furniture or anything like that unless it is weighted blankets. It is all about mental wellness when you work with me.

Prices will vary depending on the amount of exposure you would like, either just on the blog or if you want me to tweet. In the first instance, always contact me to make sure we are compatible with how we want this to go.

Guest Posts, Sponsored Posts and Text Links

I accept guest posts written by others providing they benefit my readers and cover a topic I have not covered in a previous blog post. It has to be written specifically for the website and therefore original content only; I sometimes use Copyscape; please bear this in mind. My blog is very important to me regarding unique and fresh articles.

I will also write a post for your product or service to benefit myself and my readers.

Links placed within an article will be disclosed as sponsored links following advertising regulations, and I will not be swayed on this. I will add a link to an older post should you require this.

There is also advertising space with the sidebar on the content pages and above the footer area, and these spaces are available for quarterly or yearly periods.

I also write guest posts for other peoples websites, either as myself or as a ghostwriter.


Please use the contact form below or email lou[@], and if you would like to contact me about the website’s content, you can use this email address also.

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