7 Reasons To Start Your Own Business
7 Reasons To Start Your Own Business

7 Reasons To Start Your Own Business

There are possibly 101 reasons to start your own business, but I’ll give you the best seven reasons for stepping out of your comfort zone and making your own way in the world. Some of them are common sense, but really and truthfully, most people can start their own business from home in a single night if they put their minds to it.

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Many want to start their own business because of the sense of freedom it offers, but it does come with hard work, don’t be fooled into thinking it is an easy ride, and you can sit back and watch the money roll in. You can later, but you have to put the hard work in to start with.

There are so many online and offline opportunities that could make you money either part-time or full time, and you have to be brave enough and say, ‘let’s go for it.

Start Your Own Business

1. Motivation

7 reasons to start your own business, a young boy pretending to be a rocket ship and his shadow is one

It isn’t easy to feel motivated every day when you work for someone else, yet you have that motivation to succeed with your own business. You want the business to do well because it is your baby; it is the business that will feed you and your loved ones once it becomes successful.

Motivation is key to creating the drive to succeed, and you will wake in the morning raring to go and get on with the day ahead. Even if you are starting this off part-time as a side hustle, you will long for the time to put energy into your new company.

Your passion will motivate you.

2. Do Good in the World

You will be able to run your company the way you want to; if you want to offset your carbon emissions by planting loads of trees and ensuring kelp in the sea, you can do it. Once you get employees, you can give those who cycle in an eco bonus. You can offer your clients the discounts you want to give; you can market yourself on recyclable packaging; you do so much good if you start your own business.

But there is more you could do to make yourself an ethical and sustainable business. All you have to do is think outside the box, and customers will love you for it. And if they love your company, they will share the love on social media, giving you a life in the marketing department.

3. Flexibility

You can choose the hours you want to work and when you want to work. Admittedly the first months will be all the spare time you have, but once you have the foundations of your business in a place, you can discover what hours suit you best and your family.

You might discover that you want to work at home more to be around the kids when they get home from school, then you can adapt your business model to fit in with this. You might find your business trades a lot overseas, so you, a night owl, will be cut out for the small wee hours.

The flexibility you get with working for yourself and starting your own business is limitless, you can put as many hours in as you want, and because you will be motivated, it won’t seem like work.

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4. Work From Anywhere

Unless your business idea requires specific premises, you have the choice to work wherever you want; if your household is busy, you can start your business from the library. If you have a spare corner in your home for a desk and a chair, then you have your office already sorted.

You can relocate to where you have always wanted to live once you have the foundations of your online business set-up; you can work from the foothills of a mountain to seeing the sea every time you take an important phone call. Having an online business means you can work literally anywhere, even a treehouse in the back garden if that is what you want to do.

You create the dream you want.

5. Making Money

Of course, money had to appear sometime. But most people don’t go into business because their first thought is money; for some, it is, but in general, it is because they have thought of a better way of doing things or want to see a change in the world. If money is your motivating factor, then make sure you are doing things differently, not just a rehashing of a particularly profitable niche that thousands of others are trying; there must be more. When there is more, then that is where the money is.

You will want your business to earn a profit, which will take time at first, so you need to get your business model in fine shape and ensure you know the direction you are heading in. Then once you have your solid foundation, you can either bank your money or reinvest it into the business to make it grow even more.

Think of your business as a tree and money like water.

6. You’re the Boss

Most people want to run their own business as they want to do things differently and run a business based on their principles and beliefs. You, as the boss of your own company, will be able to do this your way. The butt stops with you; there is no getting around this. Customer service is down to you if you run your own business, as is sales and marketing and coffee and tea supply.

When you start, there is nothing more thrilling than knowing your company is all yours. You built it from scratch, you have put the hard work in, and you are the one responsible for the great feedback you get from online reviews.

Nothing is sweeter.

7. Interest

You get to choose to do whatever you want; if you had always dreamed of selling porcelain dolls, then do it. If you always wanted to run a company sourcing out interpreters, then do it. If you have always wanted to sell your artwork, then do it. You can do anything you set your mind to.

Start small and build your way up if you are nervous, but this should be your dream, the thing you’ve always wanted to do, be it fashion designing to garden design. You are the creator of your destiny and if you want to sell beach glass pendants or start a dog walking business, then do it.

The more interested you are in your niche, the more love you will throw at it.

In Summary

Starting your own business is fun and rewarding; a lot of hard work is required, but once you have built the foundations, you will have more freedom than you ever thought possible and the motivation to go with it.

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