Sell Your T-Shirts On Etsy
Sell Your T-Shirts On Etsy

Sell Your T-Shirts On Etsy

You don’t need super art skills to sell your t-shirts on Etsy; all you need is a bit of ingenuity and the know-how of how to do it. If you can add a photo to social media, you can use the tools listed below to create your own t-shirt business, and it is as simple as! A perfect business for those who want to work from home.

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The first thing you need to do is get yourself a sellers account on Etsy; it is free, so don’t worry that you need to have money to start any of this off. In fact, the whole process will only cost you pennies. Now, if there was an idea anyone could do, then this is it.

You do not need any artistic skill or any graphic design knowledge; it is all drag and drop that even a seven-year-old could create their own business.

So let’s get on with the show and what you need to do.


[AF] Printful is where you create your t-shirts, and you add your design using their drag and drop editor. You upload your design and place it on the t-shirt using their guidelines.

All you need to do is sign up for an account and connect your account to your Etsy shop account. So make sure you have created your Etsy shop.

Then each time you create a new t-shirt, you can submit it to your Etsy store, then head on over to Etsy to sort out the finer details, and et voila, your t-shirt is now for sale on Etsy.

Getting your t-shirts on Etsy is super easy, and the more designs you have, the higher your income.

But where do you get your designs from?


You can create your designs on Colorcinch and Canva, but with Colorcinch, you can take a photo you have and upload it and turn it into a cartoon, a drawing or a piece of artwork, look at the creations below.

cute puppy sell your t-shirts on etsy

The above is a picture of an adorable puppy, but it is not good enough for a t-shirt, so on Colorcinch, it was adjusted to a sketch and here is the result, much better for a t-shirt.

drawing effect on cute puppy

Here is the puppy again but with a more intense filter used; as you can see out of one picture, you can create several designs. To use all the filters, you will need the premium account, but Colorcinch offers free filters.

colourful puppy picture for etsy business

The last one would look great on any colour t-shirt you would choose. Plus, it is so much fun playing around with the filters and settings that you can easily create your own artwork. You can use any picture you take and play around with it; once you find the edited version you like, upload it onto Printful, adjust to the parameters and then sync with your Etsy shop, and now you will sell your t-shirts on Etsy.


But you can also use[AF] Canva to create a design for your t-shirts; we’ll stick with the puppy picture still, but we’ll use Canva to create effects. This time we’ve removed the background, which just leaves the puppy, but to do this, you need to use their premium service, which costs £10.99 per month. This is good because you want all the effects you can get for your t-shirts.

just the puppy no background for t-shirt

As you can see, the background was removed, and it was also made transparent, then the hearts were added. All this is done via a drag and drop editor, easy to do, but you do need the premium service. But if you want to invest in your business, getting the two pieces of the software mentioned is crucial.

What else can be done with the puppy? Anything you can think of, and that is the beauty of taking your own images and fiddling about with them online and uploading them onto t-shirts. It is also a fun business to have.

But what if you just can’t be bothered with all the fiddling about, and you want to sell your t-shirts on Etsy? Well, have a read below.


If you have never used[AF] Fiverr before then, it is just as simple to use as the above software. When you go on there, you want to search out artists and graphic designers, and you can find some pretty good ones for about $10, which is roughly £7, give or take. They will design you a t-shirt friendly graphic, and then all you have to do is upload it to [AF] Printful, and the job is done, no fiddling about. But it will eat into your profits if this is how you choose to get your t-shirt business underway.

However, it means you can get set up quicker and start earning money with professional designs from the get-go.

In Summary

You have all the ability you need to set up and sell your t-shirts on Etsy. Just using these tools will have your business up and running in no time. Then you need to promote your t-shirts through social media, especially around the holidays time.

Have fun.

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