The Best Business To Start In 2022
The Best Business To Start In 2022

The Best Business To Start In 2022

You may be wondering what is the best business to start in 2022. After all, online sales are going through the roof with many of us working from home and many of us not wanting to spend as much time around other people at the shops.

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What can you start today with very little investment that will grow over time so you can be your own boss? The best business opportunity for newcomers into the business world is dropshipping, and you can do this from your own home. You don’t need to worry about storing stock or even hiring anyone. You can do it from your spare room or the kitchen counter.

You may be wondering what dropshipping is, and rightly so. It is setting up an online store with a minimal outlay and selling goods to your customers via an intermediary in a nutshell.

You have a website, you stock it with goods held at a warehouse that you don’t have to worry about and then the warehouse ships to the customer, and you enjoy the sale you have made.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, that is because it is.

Best Business to Start = Dropshipping

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Now you know what dropshipping is; you might wonder why there aren’t others doing this; well, they are, and there is a huge number of companies wanting you to sell their goods. The thing is, and I’ll let you into a little secret, a lot of the stuff sold on the big online stores are sold via dropshipping, direct from the manufacturer.

There is nothing underhanded about it, you sell it online, and it is delivered to your customer. How easy is that? Too easy, so you might have some qualms at how simple it seems to be, and you’d be forgiven, but really and truthfully, the only thing stopping you from doing this right now is you. You could have a store up and running within a couple of days.

What You Need to Know

Before you start to consider dropshipping seriously, you need to know some details. Firstly where are these companies who want you to sell their goods? The good news is that there is a couple listed below, the top ones, that sell top-quality products.

Unlike a normal store, selling via dropshipping means you don’t actually get to physically hold the product, which is a dilemma for some people who are concerned with customer service and rightly so. You need to know that the quality of the item you are selling is as stated on the manufacturers or warehouses website.

The good news is you can purchase samples of products if you so wish or test out the delivery system, but these guys and gals that are suggested know the ins and outs of the dropshipping business and will help you out if you have any concerns.

Your Business

The business to start this year is your business, and it is easy; you just need a website and a dropshipping supplier. But don’t worry about the website as you can have one up and running in as little as one evening if you learn quickly.

The easiest and quickest online store to learn is [AF] Weebly; they have so many tutorials if you get stuck, but basically, you are guided through the set-up process. If you can use social media and upload images, then you can use Weebly.

Countless people choose to run their online stores through this platform because it is so easy to use. Plus, you get a free trial, so if you are not happy with how it is going, you can always cancel, and you won’t have paid out a penny. And the beauty is you can normally connect your store to a dropshipping provider, meaning you can earn money while you sleep.

How Does That Work

Each dropshipping supplier has a way of doing things, some you have to order something for your customer manually. Others will connect to your shop via an interface, and when a customer places an order, it is sent automatically to the dropship supplier, then they send it out to the customer. You are not involved at all, hence why you can earn money while you sleep.

Top Dropship Suppliers

The dropship supplier you need to use has to get your goods to the customer quickly and intact; these are the most important things. They also need to sell high-quality goods and not cheap and tacky goods, unless that is what you want to sell, the choice is yours.

[AF] Spocket is a well-known company that prides itself on their customer service and the quality and quantity of the goods they sell. You pay nothing to start with, which is brilliant as you can test the system out to see if you can use it.

[AF] Another company with a huge amount of stock is CJ Dropshipping, and believe me when I say you can spend days on here searching through their products. There is just so much to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice. Another great thing about CJ Dropshipping is that it is free to use, and there is no trial period; you just add the products to your site and head on over to CJ when a customer orders. If you get stuck, they have a helpful pop-up person to assist you.

In Summary

There you have it the easiest way to set up a business today, dropshipping from the comfort of your own home. A great business to start this year and a great way to be your own boss. Perfect as a side-hustle, and then if you are really successful, you could give up your main job and focus on your online store.

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